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Anhui Yangtze River Delta quasi-DC transmission over a thousand to one hundred million kwh

Recently, this reporter from the Provincial Energy Bureau, as of the end of October, with four of the world’s most prospective east of Xinjiang, East China (Anhui) ± 1100 kV HVDC Project (hereinafter referred to as "quasi-Wan DC Project") the cumulative breakthrough power delivery to the east 100 billion kwh, equivalent to 50 million ordinary household electricity consumption for one year, providing a stable energy supply for the Yangtze River Delta region, help to achieve "peak carbon, carbon neutral" target.

It is reported that Anhui quasi-DC project in September 2019 put into operation, the project total investment of 40.7 billion yuan, the transmission capacity of 12 million kilowatts, the line length of 3324 km, starting in Changji, beyond the province Xuancheng ancient spring, is the world’s voltage the highest level, the maximum transmission capacity, transmission distance furthest, most advanced technological level of HVDC project, electric power and energy of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces consumptive.

Located in Xuancheng ancient spring converter station by the end of the quasi-DC converter station in Anhui, is the world’s only an AC and DC voltage levels are the highest in the world converter station, shouldering "great power heavy, power Mount Everest." responsibility mission.

Anhui Yangtze River Delta as a quasi-DC UHV power hub of an important part of the province, and two Huainan to Shanghai UHV AC transmission project, together constitute the Anhui Power Grid UHV "two pay has been" mixed with a new pattern. According to reports, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, close to Shanghai energy consumer market, is one of the few power "by sending simultaneously," the province has inherent advantages in resource endowments, regional channels, policy opportunities. Anhui Xinjiang quasi-DC continuous supply of energy to the East China province by means of UHV "main artery" landing opportunities, and actively build the Yangtze River Delta UHV hub, to strengthen energy cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta electricity, power and clear the replacement of "capillaries" enhance the power grid interconnection standards and mutual insurance mutual economic capacity, to achieve "electricity from afar, lit triangle" of power resources in a wide range of configurations. (Reporter Wang Hongyi correspondent Yang Hu).