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Have you done foot care in the cold winter?

Guide: Do you know how to care for the health of your feet in the cold winter?

The weather is cold and dry in winter, and cold protection and warmth are the main themes of winter. Facial care and foot care are two main tasks.

The old Chinese medicine health network has introduced you to the knowledge of winter facial care, today Xiaobian is sharing some knowledge of winter foot care with you.

  First, remove the nail polish and plastic surgery 1. Dip the cotton pad in smooth water and apply it on the toenails. After the nail polish is dissolved, wipe from the edge of the soft skin to the nail tips.

The part that is not easy to remove, wrap the cotton pad around the orange stick and wipe it off with light water.

  2. Crush the toenails.

The sides are not cut, and the center is cut into a square.

  3. Step back and forth between the finger file and the toenails at a 90-degree angle and trim.

  4, first rub the surface of the nails with a fine pumice stone, and then polish the fine surface with a finger file.

In addition to this can enhance the color of nail polish.

Can also make nail polish lasting and not fade.

  Second, remove the soft skin 1 from the base of the nails of the feet, apply the soft skin removal cream with an orange stick, apply it on the soft skin, and massage with your fingertips while applying.

  2. Soak your feet in warm water for 5?
10 minutes to fully soften the cutin.

  3. Dry the moisture with a towel.

Wrap the cotton pad on top of the orange stick and gently push the soft skin to keep the square shape of the toenails.

  4. Wrap the gauze around the tip of your thumb or forefinger, and gently massage the surface of the toenails to remove the old soft dander.

  5. Use soft leather scissors to remove the thorns.

  6. Apply soft skin care oil.

Note: A, do not push the soft skin barely.

Deformed toenails require patient maintenance.

  B, the square shape of the toenails should be kept during massage, and the left and right parts are symmetrical.

  C, after cutting off the excess soft skin.

Be sure to apply maintenance oil or lotion to moisturize.

  Third, the treatment of horny 1, use a foot file to remove yellowing horny.

You must hold the foot file straight. If you hold it horizontally, you will cut your skin.

Bend the soles of your feet at a 90-degree angle to the kneading board so that you can grind them evenly and effortlessly.

  3. For small places of skin cocoon (such as the joint part of the little toe), use a rough finger file to clear the eyes and mouth.

People with thick horny skin can be removed with a special foot file for skin and cocoon.

  4. Grind the horny part with pumice wheel.

  5. Use a soft-bristled nail brush to clean the dirt inside the toenails and the horny skin that is attached to the skin.

  6. Dry the water with a dry towel.

  7. Apply massage cream.

Massage while applying.

  8. Before applying nail polish, use a cotton swab to moisten alcohol, and wipe it.

  Fourth, color 1, put on toe divider, increase toes.

(If you do not have a toe divider, you can also fold the facial tissue between the toenails) 2. Apply nail polish on the surface of the toenails.

  3. Apply nail polish.
Apply to the center first, then to both sides, and rub back and forth twice.
  4. Apply a layer of clear nail polish.

  5. If you can’t wait for the nail polish to dry out slowly, use a quick-drying agent.

(There are nail polish quick-drying agents, alcohol quick-drying agents, quick-drying oil) 5. Foot massage 1, apply foot massage oil.

  2. Massage the toe side of the toes, massage from the base of the toes to the toes, and gently pull up.

  3. Massage the tip of the toenails.

Press the upper end of the toes and the side of the putty’s nails, and press the first joint firmly with your fingertips: 4. Clamp your feet with both hands.

Gently press the back of your thumb with your thumb and gently press the soles of your feet with the other four fingers.

  5, from the calf belly, Achilles tendon, massage to the heel direction.

  6. Dry the residual emulsion with a hot towel.

  6. Intensive foot care 1. Apply foot exfoliating lotion on the foot and massage gently.

(Be careful not to leave any water on the feet) 2. The massage method is the same as “Five, Foot Massage”. When toes are massaged, massage them one by one, especially the toe seams and joints.

  3. Use your thumb to touch the abdomen and spirally massage the seams between the instep and sole, Achilles tendon, and heel.

  4. Rinse off the exfoliating lotion and dirt.

  5. Wipe it with a towel, and then apply lotion to enhance moisture retention.