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No matter how difficult Guo’an rushes forward
After Chi Zhongguo is reimbursed for the season, Li Ke must take up a heavy responsibility in the lower back position.This version of the picture / visual China last round of the league, Bakanbu contributed one pass and one shot, outstanding performance.  The last two rounds of the Chinese Super League this season will be completed within this week. Although there is still the possibility of winning the championship, with a goal of 2 points behind Hengda, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan has little hope of counterattack-only based onEvergrande made a mistake and Guo’an is scheduled to win two rounds later.Do your best and obey the destiny, which is the best portrayal of this period.  Will the Lord win the final two rounds of Bakambu?  In the last round of the league, Beijing Guoan defeated Shanghai Shenhua 2 to 1 away. While the results were satisfactory, the competition scene was also internally contested as “the best battle since Genesio took office.”What is more gratifying for the fans in Beijing is that this confrontation with the old enemy is the first game after the intermittent period, which may mean that Guoan has finally revealed the “intermittent spell”.  After two long suspension periods for the Air Force this season, Guoan had fallen off the chain in two key games.The away draw relegation team Shenzhen missed the best chance of chasing points-Evergrande and Shanghai Porter both lost in the round; losing 0-2 at home to Shanghai Shanghai Port was once neglected to withdraw from the championship.  The two games are only a microcosm. From the 2017 season to the present, the downturn after the intermittent period has become a chronic disease of Guoan.In the battle with Shenhua, Genesio played the offensive card. After a reimbursement, Chi Zhongguo and Li Ke were attacking offensive Park Cheng. The Guoan coach changed the habit of sending an extended defensive midfielder.The change of one child, straighten out and staggered, after successfully winning the first game back in the intermittent period, Guoan should not worry about the state of the last two rounds.  The goal of Shen Hua’s pass and shoot made Bakanbu confident after the game: “I have recovered my best.”After one season of” Happy Spit Cake “, whether the federal striker can break out is regarded as the winner of the last two rounds of the National Security Team, just like the big Martin ten years ago.  The two generals against the “Striker” against the Workers’ Sports may come back tonight, Beijing Guoan will challenge Guangzhou R & F away.In the face of the team that has conceded the most goals in the Super League this season, taking all 3 points is the only goal of the “Yu Linjun”.  R & F is in poor condition and lost to Wuhan Zall in the last round.Due to a ticket issued by the Chinese Football Association, R & F coach Stojkovic was unable to direct the last three rounds of the game.R & F is a very different team in the Chinese Super League. Zahavi has scored 29 goals in the front court this season and has set a record for the goal of the Chinese Super League in a single season. However, the backcourt is almost undefended and 67 goals are lost.In that year, Liaozu set a record of 74 goals conceded in a single season.  It should be noted that since returning from the national team game at the time, Zahavi and Saba played only half of the last round of the league.This round back to Yuexiu Mountain, this braided reinforcement will return to the starting list.R & F’s defense should not cause too much damage to Guoan’s offensive end. Whether the national security line can limit the “ball king” is the key.  If you can overcome R & F as you wish, the final stage of Guoan’s “doing your best” is a duel between Shandong and Luneng.Luneng is Guoan’s hard-working champion this season: they gave away the second defeat of the “Yulin Forest” league, and the Football Association Cup eliminated Guoan.  Although Li Xiaopeng’s team added to the Shanghai Football Association’s second round of the FA Cup final on December 6, Luneng will not easily give up this Sunday’s match with Guoan.Yu Dabao and Li Lei are expected to return at that time, Genesio’s team should appear in the day’s body with a stronger desire to win, even if this game has nothing to do with the championship.  The top Guoan wants to counterattack to take more 3 points and 10 consecutive victories to let Beijing Guoan get the “day and start” of the 2019 season. The half-time champion let the fans see the dawn of the championship, but Biela injured the Guoan who was caught off guard by surprise.Soon, he gave up the lead, and then experienced many adjustments such as coach change and re-run.  Judging from the current overall points, the current status of 2 points behind Evergrande adds many harsh conditions to Guoan’s counterattack.  As Genesio said: “We have to be ourselves first and win the last two games.”It is not enough to just do this. Guoan also hopes that Evergrande will” give opportunity “.In the last two rounds, Evergrande challenged Hebei Huaxia Happiness away. At home, they played against Shanghai Shenhua. Cannavaro and his team also experienced a difficult time before the intermission. If Evergrande can maintain the victory over Shanghai ShanggangIn the state of the critical battle, China Fortune and Shenhua will hardly cause trouble for them.  Guoan’s counterattack may be based on the team taking 6 points in the last two rounds, and Evergrande can only get 2 points or 3 points gradually. Only in this situation will the “Yu Linjun” overtake the score.If Evergrande scores 4 points, Guoan will take the second place with two teams sharing the same point (the goal difference between each team replaces Evergrande).  It is absolutely impossible for the final result. Guoan should be able to set a new record in team history this year.In the 2014 season, Guoan won the runner-up with 67 points, setting a record high in team history; now Guoan has scored 64 points in an attempt to set a new record for the team in the last two rounds.This score is a record and embarrassing: the inventory of the runner-ups in the past years in the inventory, no team exceeded the 67 points of Guoan that year, and the “highest-scoring runner-up in history” left more regrets.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhou Xiao