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“Zhuangshen” Drummond keeps a tip of $1,000, warmhearted waiter tears
Zhuang Shen Drummond’s $1000 tipping move heart-warming waiter tears in recent days, some netizens exposed Andre Drummond’s rare act of eating at the dinner.He left a $1,000 tip to the waiter, which moved the other to tears.  In recent times, all walks of life in the United States are working hard to resume work. This is definitely good news for people who have lost their jobs in the epidemic, especially the catering industry, which is the hardest hit.  The places where Drummond dine are merging. Although there are still risks in dining out, Florida has always been reversed. It is too late to transform the family order, and it is very active to resume work.  Judging from the small ticket issued by the restaurant, Drummond’s meal cost 164.25 dollars, the normal tip may be a dozen or twenty dollars, but he left a full 1,000 dollars to the waiter.  Obviously, Drummond understood how contradictory the life of service staff with no income would be during the closure of the restaurant, and the $1,000 was small money for him, but it might be life-saving money for the other party.  The waiter who received the money also said: I don’t know who he is at all, and I have never seen him patronize here, but I couldn’t believe it when I saw the checkout information. He gave me a tip of $1,000,At that time I was crying excitedly.I can’t describe my gratitude in words. I am so happy to see such kindness at such a moment.  During the epidemic, the NBA and NBA players are actively doing charity. Charity like Drummond may not be counted in the NBA’s gradually changing charity, but it will never be forgotten. Original title: Zhuang Shenliu 1000 knife tip waiter moved to tears: I do not know who he is