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Hong Tairan was immediately angry,This kid is just red-eyed,Dare to speak out,I don’t put myself as a venerable in my eyes!
“Hold me?Why can you hold me?I slap you to death!”Hong Tairan became angry from embarrassment,So angry that the power of the secret medicine exploded。
He wants to kill this kid in the shortest time,Otherwise, even if you kill Tu Qinqin,I’m so embarrassed。
When Tu Qingchun heard what Lu Menglin said,,Can’t help but feel warm,He never thought that this kid would be his companion,And it still sounds reliable。
Want to be here,Tu Chan couldn’t help but lift his spirits,Scream,Explosion of Arcane Power,I tried my best to fight with Fan Zhuo。

Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Two Seal the prince immediately
now,The situation on the battlefield is confusing,Dangerous。
Tu Lingchun and Fan Zhuo fight like a fate against the old enemy,One was wounded and fought like a trapped beast,All moves are a play that hurts both sides,The other one broke out with full force,But he refuses to fight the opponent,Just want to procrastinate,Wait for the other sage to solve the battle,Come and help。
Fan Chui has the advantage,Naturally refused to exchange life with Tu Chu,But Tu Qinchun was inspired by Lu Menglin,More wars and more courage,The momentum between the two of them fades away,The fight is inextricable。
And at the moment,The battle between Lu Menglin and Hong Tairan,But gradually became the winner of the battle。
Hong Tairan takes the power of the venerable,Strong gestures,Beat Lu Menglin back again and again,Flexible footwork that can only be practiced through post skills,Dangerous and dangerous to avoid the opponent’s serial killer moves。