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Standing by Baiyu Lake,Li Ming’s mental strength began to penetrate,The entire Baiyu Lake nest is almost unobstructed。
“Let’s start with this return to the virtual world!”
Li Ming’s effort,Locked a single standing on the mountain,Returning to the Void Immortal with a sharp sword on his body,Infiltration。
This arrogant sword fairy,Daoxin is fine。
Under Li Ming’s efforts,Unconsciously resisted half a breath of time,Then the memory of the formation restriction he knew was known by Li Ming。
Li Ming uses the fourth state of mind to use ecstasy,Those who return to the Void cannot even resist。
In a palace,Singing and dancing,All kinds of beauties can be seen everywhere,All kinds of stunning,There are simple tribal girls,Noble royal lady,There are even some Yaozu characteristics,A monster beauty with a strange charm。
And above the hall,Sit in the seat,Wearing silk dress,The cultivator with digital beauties on his side froze,Then it eased again soon。
He doesn’t know,At that moment,The mental strength of a true fairy penetrated into his soul,Without him knowing,But he already knows all the formations and restrictions he knows about Baiyuhu Lair。
And within the next dozens of breaths,In the old nest of Baiyu Lake,More than 90% of Xuxu Immortals and Yuanshen Taoists,All suffered the same experience。
Among them are divers sitting quietly in the secret room。
Hidden in the downtown area pretending to be a merchant。
There are also people who want to enjoy themselves。