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Li Ming flew into the volcano,Based on his skills,It is easy to crack the hidden formation in this volcanic cave mansion。

Three breaths of effort,This formation containing the power of fire was broken directly。
The speed of breaking the formation,Not only the celestial beings from the Winter Palace are stunned,Even the monsters in the cave did not have time to react。
From the Winter Palace‘Uncle Yu’、And fellow Lai Dao, who is extremely powerful in Returning the Void and Sanxian, directly shot,A flying sword directly smashed the door of the volcanic cave。
A fairy,The one-digit million-year Sanxian looked at each other,Joined forces and entered the cave。
However, what disappointed Qingxu Jianxian was,After the two immortals entered the cave,But no powerful battle broke out。
It is clear,The Yanqiu Demon King is not here,There is not even a decent resistance in the entire volcanic cave。
Just a few breaths,The entire cave was killed by two immortals.。
And the strongest,They are just two top-notch-level elders。
“The Yanqiu Demon King must have also gone to the depths of the Xiangxi Sea。”Qingxu Jianxian glanced at it:“Four uncles,And fellow daoists,I’m waiting to drive the warship,Hurried to the next cave of the Heavenly Demon King。”
Chapter Fifteen Big array
Whoosh~”A sword light condensed by ice pierced into a cave hidden in the seabed。
With this sword light,A frost-edged force penetrated the hundreds of meters around the cave,The cave mansion whose formation was cracked collapsed under this sword.,A large number of souls、The monsters in Vientiane and even the Purple Mansion can’t escape the sharp edge of this sword.,Frozen under the sword light。
only‘good luck’of,It’s a bull demon in the realm of returning to the void。
Qingxu Jianxian’s sword deliberately avoided this bull demon。
However he is also unfortunate,Soon a Void Returning Immortal cast a soul-searching spell on him,Explore the memory of this bull demon。
Cast the soul-recovering spell,It’s a fat and white fairy。