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Chengdu launched the "talent loan" "resulting loan" "research and development loan" to help youth innovation and entrepreneurship

  Signing ceremony site. On February 26th, in 2021, it was held in the "Talent Loan" "R & D" release ceremony in the city, providing unsecured, non-guaranteed, low interest rates, and flexible pure credit loans, and industries for young talents. Chain, innovative chain, depth fusion of financial chains, interactive value.

  Chengdu took the lead in launching "a package" science and technology financial spree implementing a happy and beautiful life, Chengdu is constantly released new opportunities for urban opportunities. "Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Engineering" will strive to build the "Dream of Dream of Dream" in the innovative entrepreneurs.

Introducing science and technology finance for young innovation, Chengdu continues to improve "Komantou, Science and Snow, Science and Creation, Science and Insurance, Science and Technology Voucher" five-creative service chain. Up to now, a total of 18 billion yuan of "Komantou" series of funds, more than 8.5 billion yuan of creditorial financing risk compensation fund pool has been established, and more than 10 billion yuan "science loan" credit loans, accumulated support The technology company reaches 5,000 times, achieving the full coverage of the 9th creative board of Chengdu (passing), initially starting the technology financial brand. This time, in order to make younger talents in Chengdu innovation and entrepreneurship, Chengdu once again added code – the first to launch "a package" science and technology financial product spree, release "talent loans" "progressive loan" "research and development] to be more comprehensive More abundant technology financial products provide financial support for young people to innovate and address their "worries".

  On the basis of continuing the "Pure Credit, Low Interest Rate, Leaves", "Pure Credit, Low Interest Rate, Leaves", more highlights the precision support and guidance of "supporting talents, promoting transformation, and strong research and development", in order to innovate in Rong Youth Entrepreneurship provides a strong financial support, and the focus will be trial first in the "two districts, one city".

  Specifically, "talent loans" "Achievement Loans" "R & D" will focus on three types of objects.

Talent loans are the technology financial credit products provided by the Joint Bank of Chengdu Science and Technology in Rong Entrepreneurship. The results loans are the United Bank of the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau to support science and technology financial credit products provided in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Rong enterprises. Enterprises that meet the application conditions give a credit to $ 50-10 million. R & D loans are the United Bank of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau to support the company’s high-tech enterprises to increase research and development and investment. Enterprises that meet the application conditions give a credit to $ 50-10 million. The first batch of cooperation with 4 banks is waiting for you to build a dream at the event site, Chengdu Productivity Promotion Center and Chengdu Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, and Minsheng Bank held a signing ceremony. It is understood that the first phase of the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau will invest 100 million yuan, and the newly added 2 billion yuan of creditor finance compensation fund pools in Chengdu Bank is specifically used to promote "talent loans" "research and loan" and less products.

  As of now, Chengdu Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Minsheng Bank "Talented", "Cultural Loan", "R & D", has reserves 171, and the credit size is 600 million yuan. The first batch of appraisal companies on the spot was signed at the event site, and the Chengdu Bank and the first batch of appraisal corporate representatives held a credit signing ceremony.

Among the enterprises signed on-site, Yi Tech is a "talent loan" to be credited to 3.5 million yuan; Guangfanglian technology has obtained "R & D Loan" to grant 7 million yuan; Huachuang Qi Dynasty medicine has obtained "resulting loans" to serve 2 million yuan. As a representative of Chengdu, the founder and CEO of Chengdu Xiao Duo Technology Co., Ltd. said that Xiaomo Technology is an artificial intelligence company in 2014 with natural language processing technology as a core. In the rapid development of Xiao Duo, it is inseparable from "watering" of "science and loan" financial live water. "Beginning in 2020, the company has increased research and development, the demand for funding is also improved accordingly, ‘Science / Lancing’ gives us support for our funds, solves short-term financing difficulties." Jiangling said that "in the municipal party committee and municipal government Under the context of the construction of young innovation and entrepreneurship, this kind of core talent, scientific and technological achievements replaced traditional physical assets, providing credit loans to enterprises, the company has played a lot of help.

"(Li Tingyu).