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Standard Men’s Fitness Program

At the age of 20, you can run 10 kilometers a day, and you can do 30 push-ups in one breath, but at the age of 40, you will find that the joints are rattling and not so flexible.

Human aging is sustainable, can it just be allowed to develop in this way?


In fact, as long as you continue to exercise from now on, you can maintain youthful vitality.

Therefore, 39 Health Network asked experts to design a set of exercise programs for male friends of all ages to enhance physical strength, enhance lung function and maintain limb parts. Everyone can exercise according to this program, three times a week, 45-For 60 minutes, you don’t have to worry about poor health and bloated body if you stick to it.

  One, about 20 years old.

Sports medicine refers to this age group as the “record-breaking age group.”

  This level of body function is in its heyday, and all aspects of heart rhythm, vital capacity, bone sensitivity, stability and elasticity have reached the optimal point.

From the perspective of sports medicine, insufficient exercise during this period is more harmful to the body than higher exercise.

People of this age can do any kind of exercise.

  This “normal strength” achieved through muscle strengthening exercises will not disappear after the exercise is terminated.

The endurance of the heart can increase blood transfusion.

In short, 20-year-olds can “reserve” resources for future physical health.

At this level, you must pay attention to exercise to maintain weight, otherwise it will be difficult to lose weight after 30 years old.

  Exercise can be performed every other day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, each time for about 30 minutes to strengthen physical exercise. The method is to try heavy weights, the load is 60% of the ultimate muscle strength, until the muscles feel tired (about every timeDo it 10-12 times).

If you do not feel tired after repeated exercises, you can increase the weight of the equipment by 10%. You must exercise the main muscle groups (pectoralis, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, abs, and leg muscles).

  20 minutes of cardiovascular system exercise by jogging, swimming, cycling, etc., with an intensity of 150-170 beats / minute.

  Second, about 30 years old.

The physical function of this age group has exceeded its peak.

  At this time, such as physical exercise, the oxygen uptake, which is very important for endurance, will gradually decrease.

But don’t be afraid, because you are still young.

At this time, the joints of the body often make some sounds, which is a precursor to joint disease.

In order to maintain the high flexibility of the joints, more segmental exercises should be performed.

Also pay attention to the exercise of the cardiovascular system.

  Exercise is still Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every 5-30 minutes of cardiovascular system exercise (jogging or swimming). The intensity is not as strong as at 20 years old.

20 minutes of physical training, compared with the age of 20, the trial weight is lighter, but you can do more times.

5-10 minutes of contraction exercise, focusing on back and leg muscles.

People in sedentary offices should pay more attention to interference movement.

The method is: lie on your back, pull your knees up to your chest as much as possible, and hold for 30 seconds;

  People of this age can still perform various physical exercises.

If you interrupt your budget, follow the “progressive” principle when re-exercising.

Doctors recommend that people over 35 should do an electrocardiogram before exercising.

  Third, what to do after the age of 40?

Compared with the age of 20, muscle exerciseability of people over 40 years of age has decreased by 25%, physical strength has gradually decreased, muscles have been atrophied year by year, and the body has started to gain weight.

  Fat gain is related to the decrease in muscle volume. Fewer muscles consume less in adults, and the amount of food is not less than when young, so the stomach begins to appear.

Therefore, people over 40 years of age should choose sports to help maintain a good body shape and prevent common senile diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Exercises are performed twice every Monday and Friday, and include: 25-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, moderate intensity, such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.

  For people over 50 years old, the pulse does not exceed 130-140 times per minute.10-15 minutes of equipment exercise, the weight of the equipment is lighter than the age of 30, too much weight will damage health, but the number does not hinder more.

To prevent accidents, it’s best not to use dumbbells and use a fitness machine.

5-10 minutes of intense exercise, especially pay attention to moving all joints and those muscles that tend to shrink.

Add a 45-minute physical strengthening exercise on Wednesday, without using equipment, you can use push-ups, half-squats, etc., repeat multiple groups, each group about 20 times, the number depends on their own ability.

  Recommended sports: tennis, long-distance skiing, swimming, jogging, golf, dancing, walking.