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The third episode of Amazing Thieves will be filmed, and the screenwriter American Scam will join

The third episode of “Amazing Thieves” will be filmed, and the screenwriter “American Scam” will join
Sauna Night Network News On April 29, according to foreign media reports, Lionsgate Films announced that the crime-frightening movie “Frightening Demon Thieves” will focus on the magic element.”The Fearless Man 3″ will be written by Eric Singer (“American Scam”), and will continue the first part of the fun, magic and spirit, both new characters and old characters.Currently, there is no official signing of the film, but Lionsgate hopes to realize the former starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrison, Ella Fisher, Dave Franco, Morgan.Freeman and other collective return.Stills of “The Frightening Devil 2”.The picture comes from the online series of “Shadow Devil” series of stars have been gathered, the actors of “Harry Potter” Daniel Radcliffe and Jay Chou have also joined the second film.In addition, Lion Gate Films also intends to create a derivative film with Chinese elements for the series of “Shake-Devil”.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun