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I want to understand these,Scenic and seems to have a lot of things,For example, Yu Zan said,Don’t think that you tell you that you are trustworthy.,This is just the necessary conditions that are not counted after the autumn.,Really believe,This sincerity is far less than enough.。

really,Billow light also wants this,After the Gao’s back, I slammed a knife.!
One time,Scenic and actually a little envy“boarding”Technology superb。Gao Rui is a good job,Great Wall defense,Unauthorized bring back to Yucheng,That is。
Billow is the general,He is betrayed,Be there,Although it is given a knife,But in the eyes of the world,Gao Rui is a rebellion,Demertion is not。
Why do you say this?,Because the light of the light is the rice bowl,His Su Wei Yucheng,Anyway,It is a truth。on the contrary,He put it on Gao Rui Hu,That is called the heart。
Scenic and feel,This is almost the last chance of harmlessly on the bus.!
It’s really a wall of the wall.,This turning the technology,so envious!
only,Billow light is on the shore,How should you go to the shore??
Scenic and a little regret it is late.,It should be loyal to Gao Boyi early.。From now on,Gao Jia finally,Some people in Gao Rui,perhaps……Has been folded in Yucheng。
Means of,Gifted forces,Weaken。If someone will have some expectations to them before,So now,I am afraid that Yang Wei and others will stand directly at Gao Biyi.。
Here,Scenic and see very clear。
In fact, he will understand him.,Itself coming from Gao’s high,Because I have already got a high-altitude deceitful,This time I stand on the opposite family of the family in the first time.,Because he doesn’t want to die!
“What is the general??”
Peak and behind him have a familiarity,But I don’t want to hear the sound.!
Scared him, a trembling。
“How did you come。”
Peak and low voice。
From the other party’s unimpeded to himself,There is already explanation,This city,Or include your own affinity,It has been infiltrated by Gao Baoyi.。
So the master named Feng Zan under high-alum,Can come to。
“Billow light has already made things,Can you still be slow?。The main public will return to Yucheng for two days.,At that time,General,Can not be very convenient?。”
The smile of fish is very embarrassed,People want to give him a few slaps。However, it is undeniable that……The other party is very right,Unable to refute!
“That……Mr. Fish,Oh,Greater host,How to do?”
Peak and pleasant asked。
Nice head of fish:“This matter is simple。Gao Rui defeated death,His messy troops took the opportunity into the city to burn,Help,That’s really a person who is angry.!
These people actually robbed the Yongan Wangfu,Also killed Yongan Wang,It’s too bad.!”
Fish praise,Hand on the arms in the arms and say:“These defeats actually run everywhere,Gring these people also burned,I don’t know how many people are dead.,That’s horrible,Too bad!”
Looking at the fish like a model, I feel there.,A cold air is rising from the bottom of the skin and the bottom of the sky!
What is deer to be a horse??What is the reverse black and white??What is a planting??
This is the one in front of you.。
Um,Gao Boyi does not want to kill high,It is the defeated army under Gao Rui.。And those who are highlighted,The Dawguism of the Gaoyu,It is also the defeated army under Gao Rui.。
As for why those failure, why did you go to deal with yourself?“Leader”,There is also the strict city of defense.,Why do you make a few defeats to stir up。
Who knows those things?,Anyway……It happened,I just blindly said.,Do you dare to bite me??
turn out to be,Real loser,There is no qualification to live.,It is no wonder that the power field is alive is a monster.,Because the weak will have a grave long grass.!