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Chapter 22 I’m going to hoe the ground!
Before Lingju came,All I thought was that the great fairy named Jingpu asked Lingjing to hoe the ground,Planing。
but,Now when I see Jingpu,,After feeling the amazing power of Jingpo,Lingju felt,Is it too arbitrary?,Maybe this matter,It doesn’t matter。
Because for now,Senior is not a mess,Or someone who doesn’t understand。
How could seniors not understand Lingjing’s identity,What to do。
Thought of here,Lingju pursed her red lips,may……I really blamed the senior……
Maybe my younger brother,Must hoe the ground……
but,Lingju can’t figure it out,My brother is so good, why should he hoe the ground???
Lingju is a little bit ashamed,I blame Lingjing。
After Lingjing dug down that mountain,Originally, Lingju was going to Lingjing to ask what happened.,But who knows,This guy suddenly disappeared,I didn’t hold back and came first,As a result, my own brother came here long ago。
I didn’t even have a chance to ask。
but……No matter what,After Ling Jing came here,Just become like hoeing,Senior must know why,I’ll ask Senior,What kind of disease did Lingjing have?,Then let the seniors help persuade。
after all……Lingju knows very well,Although Lingjing is afraid of herself,But I’m just afraid,some things,I can only scare Lingjing for a while,If Ling Jing is really determined to dig the ground,Sneaking,No one can do it。
But from the perspective of Lingjing’s attitude towards senior,Lingjing respects seniors very much,Senior talking,Should work。