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Characteristics highlight "four" acceleration promotion innovation Hebei construction

Since the launch of party history, our office has focused on "celebrating the 100th anniversary of the party", "triple four-way five optimization", etc. County science and technology innovation jumps five actions, and focuses on key core technical key research and development plans, builds a role in innovation high, and fully deepens the scientific and technological specialist systems, and high standard construction Hebei Industrial Technology Research Institute and Hebei Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Transaction The center has created a new situation in technology development. Next, we will focus on the four-way work based on the deployment of the provincial government, and create a new magnetic field to create a new magnetic field in accordance with the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, and create a new magnetic field, further promote the new level of the technological innovation. First, it is comprehensive for the relevant policy requirements of the Table of the Table of Table, the National Ministerial Committee, and the research on scientific and technological innovation and development trends, high-quality development of scientific and technological innovation "fourteen" planning; the second is to lay the key core technology to fight, surround the carbon Dharma Carbon and strengthen the technical research, actively carry out industrial research and development of block chains, quantum communications, increase the intensity of seed industry research, and promote the integration of innovative chains and industrial chains; third is to enhance corporate innovation ability, accelerate the construction of leading enterprises, colleges and universities The hospital supported, all innovative entities interact with each other, implementing scientific and technological innovation leading enterprises, vigorously promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; four is to continue to optimize innovative ecology, vigorously introduce high-end talents such as academicians, and promote the scientific and technological specialist system, excited The enthusiasm of technological workers innovate. We will do a good job in all service guarantees, strive to make the oil of technology innovation, fire, and accelerate the "key variable" of scientific and technological innovation into high-quality development, to ensure the "14th Five-Year Plan" A good bureau, a good step, providing a strong technical support for the comprehensive construction of the new era, and provides strong science and technology support.

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