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  The 200-level stream of "sharp knife classes", newly built 48 fever screenings, continuously developed new emergency infectious disease prevention and control technology … The Municipal Health Jianjian Committee recently released the "Mission List of this year".

  The reporter learned from the Municipal Health and Strong Commission that this year, this city will build a new 48 community health service center to fever screening posts (heating through the thermal diagnosis); The board is focused on strengthening the prevention and control capabilities of the "early discovery" in rural areas.

  A 200-level city-level stream of "sharp knife class" will be formed in 3,600 stream players in the city, ready to assist in the residential disposal of the epidemic, ensuring that the core streaming information is formed within 4 hours, and the case is completed within 24 hours. , Suspected cases and sequential infections are initially streamed, timely control of infection sources, cut off the dissemination chain; scientific accurate provision of prevention and control zone, decisively take controlled measures to ensure close contact person and close contact person’s close contact person 12 Transfer to a concentrated isolation site for isolation medicine observation.

  The city’s public health institutions will persist in diseases, continuously develop and study new sudden infectious disease prevention and control technology such as infectious disease warning, pathogens, and provide more precise and efficient prevention and protection for the public; actively promote children’s youth myopia , Obese common disease prevention and control, reduce the "small glasses" and "Xia fat", explore the comprehensive intervention model of disease community such as depression, enhance the psychological and mental health level.

  The Municipal Health Jian Committee revealed that compared with 2019, the incidence of statutory infectious diseases in the city last year decreased by nearly 5 years.

The ratio of the standardized construction of the city-level disease control institution has reached 81%, and the 42 community health service centers and 9 township hospitals have reached the national recommendation standard, 5158 family doctor service team and village (residential) committee epidemic prevention and control work. Seamless docking, grassroots service capability is continuously optimized, and the diagnosis and treatment will continue to rise. (Reporter Sun Leqi).