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On the morning of September 23, a segmentation symbol held in Hainan Self-Travelang Policy and Investment Cooperation in Haikou. On the venue, the founder of the New Party, the original chairman, the Chairman of Asian Medicine Network, the three-sided economic integration of the four-strait economic integration of the trade port, the provincial party committee (Provincial Office), the provincial party committee’s deep reform office (self-trade portal), the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Party Talent Development Bureau, etc., gathered around the environmental protection materials, foreign trade, leisure tourism and other industrial development and trade port investment , Talent introduction, housing and other topics, active recommendations, and talk about new opportunities.

The original one and a half hours of communication is prolonged due to enthusiastic atmosphere.

"Under the role of talents, tax policy bonus, I believe in the future, Hainan will become a self-trade port of Yijian Yermond.

"Taihang, Shanghai Cartoon Ni Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. CEO Fangli Shenmang Continental market has created cartooni paradise, battles, Children’s brand, etc., opened nearly 100 stores in multiple cities.

He said that Hainan leisure tourism market has broad prospects, looking forward to playing its own advantages, working with Hainan to create innovative cultural brands, showing Hainan regional cultural characteristics. Many visitors, Taiji, Taiji, said that from the long-term planning, Haikou will become a hunan center city integrating shopping, entertainment, leisure, and business, urban development, continuous transfer, and the foreground is considerable.

He suggested that Haikou can make a base element such as urban ecological advantages, resource advantages, improve brand building, project construction, product innovation, platform display, innovative development, emerging entertainment agents, promote shopping, entertainment, leisure, etc., promotion of urban High quality development in the literary industry. "From 2018, Hainan Construction is from the trade district, I have begun to pay attention to the development of Hainan, which is very optimistic about market potential.

In June last year, the "Hainan Free Trade Port is the overall plan", which is the 6-way design of the design, which makes me and many Taiwan users have seen Hainan’s broad development prospects. "At the meeting, Taiwanese, Shanghai Hanwei Business Consulting Co., Ltd. CEO Cai Yin people listened, carefully recorded the relevant content, and discussed exchanges with relevant departments on the relevant departments of Taiwanese shopping, industrial and commercial registration. He said that in the current Under the context of trade-wide development, Taiwanese plants "hug" invests in Hainan into the trend, I hope that Hainan will build Taiwanese business, exchange experience, mutual help platform, and assist Taiwan merchants to seek new business opportunities in the trade port of China. " The Qiongtai Economics and Trade Communication is developed in a deep development. "It’s too rare! It’s really sharing, and there is a deep communication.

After we will study how to use the Hainan Trade-Hong Kong Policy in the investment in environmentally friendly new materials industry projects. "At this time, the president of Shanghai Changning District Terrace will talk to the number of Taiwan Taiwanese plans to invest in the aggregate investment.

"Take the house, let go." Yu Mumin used "six words" to praise the current Hainan’s management strategy against the trade-wide port.

He laughed, "Flying Hainan to seize the opportunity", and said that the blood of the branches is connected, the blood is strong in the water, to be intimate, watch the help, hope that the mainland Taiwan will move, and cooperate will work in Qiongar. Do excellent excellence, accelerate the formation in Qiong pool companies, affect more companies to Qiong’s investment, and help to promote the high-quality development of the trade port. (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.