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Let the decoction be more effective, correct and properly cook Chinese medicine

Let the decoction be more effective, correct and properly cook Chinese medicine

Decoction is the most widely used dosage form in the early stage of clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine.

Because of its adaptation to TCM syndrome differentiation, the principle of addition and subtraction with the disease, it has the characteristics of preparation substitution, rapid absorption and so on, and is highly affected by doctors and patients.

  However, in the face of a bag of Chinese medicine, people often feel overwhelmed and gradually introduce you to some knowledge of fried Chinese medicine.

  First, the quality of the alternative Chinese medicine decoction of the decocting device is closely related to the alternative decocting device.

The casserole is still good now, because the material of the casserole is stable and does not chemically react with the drug components, and the heat transfer is even and moderate, which is one of the reasons that has been used since ancient times.

In addition, enamel pots, stainless steel pots and glass frying pans are also available.

However, iron pans and copper pans cannot be used, mainly because the chemical properties of iron pans or copper pans are unstable and easily oxidized.

When boiling the medicine, it can react with the chemical components contained in the traditional Chinese medicine. For example, it can form residual acid iron with the fermented substance to deepen the color of the liquid.

It can form difficult-to-capacitive polymers with flavonoids.

Salts can be formed with organic acid components.

These will affect the quality of the decoction, which is directly related to the clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

  Second, the amount of water added to the decoction is also very important, the amount of water directly affects the quality of the decoction.

Adding less water will cause the medicine to be dehydrated and the leaching of the active ingredients is incomplete.

Adding more water, the boiling of the liquid is more, the patient is very inconvenient to take the medicine.

Due to its different water content, Chinese herbal medicines can also overcome the difference in water absorption. Generally, the amount of water added is controlled at 5-10 times.

The drug with the same weight has a large volume and a large amount of water absorption.

The volume is reduced, the volume is small, and the amount of water absorption is small.

Therefore, decoction of flowers, leaves, whole grass drugs, the amount of water should be more.

Decanting minerals, shellfish, and adding less water.

According to the traditional method of adding water, the medicine is added to the pot. The amount of water added for the first time is 3-5 cm above the surface of the medicine, and the amount of water added for the second time is more than 3 cm above the surface of the medicine.

This method of adding water is feasible and easy to master.

  Third, the problem of attention in the decocting 1. The immersion medicine before the decocting must be soaked before boiling. This is because the traditional Chinese medicine implanted in the plant is mostly dry, and the medicinal material is softened by adding water, and the tissue cells are expanded.It restores its natural state and can be leached with active ingredients when decocting.

Generally, the main drugs are flowers, leaves and stems, and the soaking time is 1-1.

5 hours.

The soaking time of the root, seed, rhizome, and fruit-based drugs is 2-3 hours.

  2, the number of boiling times to cook more than one continuous decoction is better.

Practice has proved that the decoction can be fried twice to contain about 80%, so the number of decoctions is preferably two or three times.

  3, the temperature of the decocting temperature of the decocting, Chinese medicine called “fire” is generally referred to as “smoke” or “wuhuo”.

The so-called simmer is a weak fire, the temperature rises slowly, and the water evaporates slowly.

The so-called Wuhuo is a strong fire, the temperature rises fast, and the water evaporates quickly.

If the decocting is too strong, the water will evaporate quickly, which will affect the leaching of the active ingredients, and it is easy to paste the pot.

On the contrary, the fire is weak, and the effect of boiling medicine is poor.

Generally, the fire is used before the boiling, until the boiling, then use the simmer, keep the micro-boiling state, can slow the evaporation of water, which is beneficial to the frying of the active ingredients.

  4, the boiling time is mainly based on the nature of the drug and disease, as well as the condition of the drug.

Generally, the first frying starts with boiling for 20-30 minutes and the second frying for 30-40 minutes.

Treat cold medicines, first fry for 10-15 minutes, and second fry for 15-20 minutes.

Nourishing drugs, the first fried 30-40 minutes, the second fried 40-50 minutes.

  5, the amount of liquid medicine generally refers to the amount of liquid medicine after a combination of two doses of boiling.Adults take 400-600 ml and take it twice daily.

Children take 200-300 ml and take it two or three times a day.

  6, the method of taking medicine is generally a dose of medicine after boiling twice combined with the drug solution, divided into two doses.

Children can be taken 2-3 times.

For the treatment of colds, fever, enteritis, diarrhea, you can also use the frequency of the method, that is, once every 4 hours, each time taking 30-40 ml, the time is over, then changed to 2-3 times a day,Children take a small number of times as well.

  7. The decoction doctor of the special medicine will prescribe the medicine with the foot in the prescription according to the patient’s condition and the nature of the medicine.

  (1) First decoction: generally some minerals, shells, horns, because of its strong and hard active ingredients are not easy to fry, generally need to fry for 30-40 minutes, then mixed with other drugs and then boil.

Common gypsum, raw keel, mother-of-pearl, raw stone and so on.

Other toxic drugs are first fried, and long-term decoction can achieve the purpose of attenuating or detoxifying.

For example, the aconitine that has been decocted for a long time is decomposed into aconitine, and its toxicity is only 1/2000.

Such as the long-term decoction can reduce the toxicity and increase the cardiotonic effect.

  (2) Post-drug: Generally, it is a odorous aromatic volatile oil or a drug that is not easy to be decocted continuously. It should be taken in the pot 10-15 minutes before the medicine is fried.

Commonly known are Huoxiang, Uncaria, Rhubarb and so on.

For example, the vinegar contained in Uncaria can easily destroy the antihypertensive component after boiling for more than 20 minutes.

Rhubarb, which has a component of diarrhea and heat-clearing, is a rhubarb compound, but it is unstable to heat and decomposes by continuous heating.

The effect of rhein diarrhea is stronger than that of the doped element, so it is not easy to decoct for a long time.

  (3) package decocting: generally seeds and individual pollen drugs, filled with gauze bags and added to the group of drugs for boiling.

Commonly there are psyllium, spin flower and so on.

Such as the car front easy to paste the paste, coking.

So you need to pack fried.

Rotating the flower bag to avoid the villus instead of mixing into the soup to stimulate the throat.

  (4) Dissolving suit: After dissolving the drug with a hot chemical solution, take it.

Common drugs are Xuan Ming powder, Glauber’s salt.

  (5) Suihua clothing: mainly some gelatinous drugs, taken after the use of hot liquid.

If a small amount of drug solution is viscous and affects the leaching of other ingredients, the gelatinous drug also has a certain loss, so the method of taking it by phlegm is adopted.

Common are Ejiao, antler gum, turtle shell glue.

  (6) Another frying: Some valuable medicines should be boiled separately, and then the medicines should be taken together.

Common ginseng, American ginseng, antler and so on.

  (7) blunt: Some valuable drug fine powder can not be boiled together with the group medicine, and the method of blistering is adopted, that is, the medicine powder is used instead of the medicine liquid.

This will not only help to play the role of drugs but also save medicines.

Commonly there are three or seven faces, antelope horn face, beef yellow face and so on.