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What vegetables should vaginitis eat?

I believe that many women with fungal vaginitis do not understand, in fact, you can eat some foods with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, then Xiaobian will tell you what to eat to prevent fungal vaginitis.

1, cabbage cabbage is rich in nutrients, in addition to sugar, iron, trace, protein, thiamine, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, is also rich in vitamins, its vitamin C, riboflavin content than appleThe pears are 5 times higher and 4 times higher respectively; the trace element zinc is higher than the meat, and contains molybdenum which can inhibit the absorption of nitrite.

Among them, vitamin C can increase the body’s resistance to infection, cause scurvy, gum bleeding, and the onset of various acute and chronic infectious diseases, which can effectively prevent inflammation of fungal vaginitis.

In addition, the cellulose contained in cabbage can enhance the peristalsis of the stomach, reduce the residence time of the feces in the body, help digestion and excretion, and the effect of detoxification is very good, which is beneficial to human health.

2, kelp kelp is a food with high nutritional value, and has a certain medicinal value.

It is rich in mineral elements such as iodine required by the human body.

The kelp contains a small amount of low content, medium protein content and rich mineral content. It has been found that kelp has many important biological functions such as regulating immunity, anti-tumor, lead-extracting detoxification and anti-oxidation, and helping to prevent fungal vaginitis.It helps.

3, banana banana is a high-moisture fruit, especially in some tropical areas, bananas are also the main food.

Moreover, the nutritional value of banana pulp is quite high. Each 100 grams of pulp contains 20 grams of carbohydrates and 1 protein.

2 grams, 姨0.

6 grams, also contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins, and prevent fungal vaginitis is the most suitable food to eat protein and vitamins.

In addition, banana supplementation with vitamin A can promote growth, enhance resistance to disease, is necessary to maintain normal fertility and vision; thiamine can resist beriberi, promote appetite, help digestion, protect the nervous system; riboflavin can promote the human bodyNormal growth and development.

In addition to stabilizing serotonin and melatonin, bananas also contain magnesium, which has the effect of relaxing muscles. People who work at a higher pressure can eat more.

4, the main nutrients of leek amaranth are vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, carotene, impurities and minerals.

The unique spice of leeks is formed by the sulfides contained in them. These sulphides have a certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps the body to improve its own immunity and is of great help in preventing fungal vaginitis.

These sulphides in leeks can also help the body to absorb vitamin B1 and vitamin A. Therefore, if leeks are matched with pork products rich in vitamin B1, it is a more nutritious way to eat.

In addition, leeks are also rich in cellulose, which can promote resonance and peristalsis, while reducing the absorption of plasma. Although leeks have many benefits for the human body, they must also be controlled. People with heat or impotence should not eat.