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Massage 5 places is stronger than eating supplements

When doing the health care of these five special zones every day, it can promote metabolism and help the righteousness, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging the disease.

  Special Zone One, abdominal umbilical health keywords: eliminate the distal end of diabetes, complications and constipation.

  The abdominal umbilicus is a health care “fortress” that health experts are very good at. The Chinese medicine doctors call the central navel of the abdomen “the god”.

Stimulation of the abdominal umbilical sputum, conditioning, can benefit the lung and kidney, soothe the nerves, Shugan Lidan, Tongli Sanjiao, disease prevention and health.

  The abdomen also has a good adjuvant treatment for arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, and obesity.

  Health care method: the two hands overlap, press the navel, moderately exert force, while keeping the breath natural, clockwise around the rope.

  For people who lack exercise on weekdays, it is recommended to develop a mid-lower abdomen for 20 minutes when the palms are alternately beaten (frequency once every second) during leisure time or walking, which has the effect of promoting obesity metabolism.

  Special Zone 2, ear health keywords: prevent ear frostbite, help kidney.

  Chinese medicine tells the kidney to open the ear, often rubbing the ear can complication of ear frostbite, and can press the kidney and strengthen the waist, and maintain the role of extending the body.

  Health care method: lifting earlobe.

After placing the index finger on the ear screen, use the index finger, thumb to pull the ear screen, earlobe, pull from the inside to the outside, the technique is light to heavy, and the pulling force is limited to the pain, 3 times each time?
5 minutes.

  Hand mural.

Hold the empty fist in both hands, push the knees and the two fingers along the wheel to push and push until the ear wheel is full of heat.

  Lifting the tip of the ear.

With both hands, the index finger pinch the tip of the ear contour, lift it up, lick, pinch, rub 15?
20 times, making the local fever red.

This method has the effects of calming, relieving pain, clearing the brain and improving eyesight, and reducing fever.

  Special Zone III, front chest health keywords: enhance heart and lung function.

  The strength of a person’s immune function, to a certain extent, with the level of chest adenin, the thymus is aligned with the conditioning stimulus, can resist disease and prevent cancer, and strengthen the body.

  Health care method: press the right hand on the right breast, the finger is inclined downward, and gently push it to the left lower abdomen, rubbing 50 times back and forth; for the left hand, rub it 50 times in the same way.

Then, rub back 50 times with the palm of your hand and the middle of the middle. You can also use the palm of your hand to beat the front and back of the chest alternately. Each time you shoot more than 100 times, do it once in the morning and evening.

  Scrubbing the retina allows the “suspended” thymocytes to be active, enhancing heart and lung function.

  SAR four, back-end health keywords: improve immunity, prevent colds.

  Frequently scraping the front meridians and muscles, rubbing, rubbing, tapping, can clear the meridians, peace of mind, help prevent colds, in addition, rubbing has a certain auxiliary treatment effect for middle-aged and elderly patients with chronic diseases.

  Health care methods: rub the back in the morning and evening, beat the back or hit the back with a health hammer (including upwards and insertions); or use back massage treatments such as hip scraping, chiropractic, cupping, etc.

  Special Zone 5, Spinal Health Keywords: promote digestion and prevent common diseases of the spine.

About 70% of people now have distortions due to the lack of proper care for the spine SAR.

There are four physiological curvatures in the spine SAR. The most common complications are cervical spondylosis and lumbar flexion (lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation).

  Health care methods: children with anorexia, partial eclipse can be massaged along the spine on both sides of the spine.

Massage the spine every night, scrape, take a cup, and tap gently.

  Acupuncture, Chinese medicine bee therapy and moxibustion in the spine SAR have therapeutic effects on neuralgia and ankylosing spondylitis which are separated from the spinal cord.