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A girl in Yangzhou eats three hot pots, and the result is full length······

A girl in Yangzhou eats three hot pots, and the result is full length······

Recently, it’s cold and cold to go out and walk.

This season, if you can eat a hot pot, it is definitely a wonderful thing.

However, although the hot pot is delicious, you can’t eat too much!

A girl in Yangzhou got into trouble because of her greed.

After eating 2 hot pots for 2 days, the shells had a large rash.

Xiaowen said that in the first two days of the circle of friends, she started a hot pot event. She and her friends cut the price together. After cutting the price, they can enjoy the 50% discount on the dishes.

However, the event was only 3 days, so Xiaowen went to eat hot pot with different friends.

“” 2 consecutively ate 3 consecutive meals.

“Xiao Wen introduced that he usually likes to eat spicy, and also specifically likes to use chili noodles as a seasoning to accompany.

The previous 2 consecutively ate 3 hot pots. On the evening of the same day, Xiaowen also took a shower with friends.

On the second day, Xiaowen began to find headache tears, but not much continuous itching began to grow and the area was getting bigger and bigger.

“I suspect that the first two days of eating hot pots in a row, causing skin irritation, allergies.

Xiaowen himself has gone to the hospital for medical treatment, and his face has begun to improve.

In winter, it is also prone to eczema irritating diet, resulting in “getting angry” after doctor’s diagnosis. Xiaowen is indeed eczema.

This is a manifestation of “getting angry.”

Most of the reasons for getting angry in winter can be attributed to “dryness”: First, people like to sit in a heated room, plus eating a lot of meat and spicy food, it is like “fueling on the fire”, so that the internal heat continues to gather;At the end of the year, the pressure is rising, and many people will inevitably become irritable, worried, and easy to get angry.

When the “fire” does not go out, it becomes a “toxic gas”, which leads to a decline in the body’s immunity and provides an opportunity for various diseases.

“For example, Xiaowen is because of the spicy food, resulting in a strong internal fire, which has skin problems.

“Doctors say that the appearance of eczema has a lot to do with recurrent episodes and diet.”

She also received a young man who always had eczema and found it was caused by spleen.

The young man usually eats high protein and sorghum. He eats the mutton and drinks it with milk eczema. It is good to eat a light eczema.

Therefore, in winter, people eat hot, spicy, spicy, hot pot and other irritating foods, and can easily cause skin diseases.

Family, 1, wash your face with water: If you have eczema on your face, do not use too hot water, soap, soap, facial cleanser, etc., you need to use clean water to clean.

2, scratching the square: After suffering from eczema, do not wash, scratch, the more irritating the eczema, the more metabolites will be produced, resulting in severe eczema.

3, appropriate Chinese medicine external wash: berberine, astragalus, Huangbai Sanwei medicine decoction outside the wash, there is heat, dampness, detoxification, itching effect, better for acute or subacute eczema.

4, do not overheat the bath water to 38 ° C?
39 ° C is appropriate; bath time should not be too long, try to control in about 5 minutes.

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