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Old Chinese medicine teaches: the highest state of health, diet, exercise and thoughts

Old Chinese medicine teaches: the highest state of health, diet, exercise and thoughts

In the view of Chinese medicine, nourishing the heart is the highest state of health, and cultivating the heart is meditation.

The nourishment here refers to the double protection of the heart and the organ, as well as the emotional care.

In the eyes of our ancients, the cultivation of the heart is to raise the spirit, and to raise the spirit, in the end is to purify our soul.

More food, everyone should eat more food to raise the heart and calm the nerves, a small amount of medlar, lotus seeds, lily, jujube, lotus root starch, white fungus, watermelon, duck and so on.

At the same time, I want to remind everyone, we must eat more “real food”, which is the most natural food.

After the exercise, the feeling of being in the air is very good. It has a very good effect on purifying the body and mind.

Only, we must pay attention to exercise can not be excessive.

Especially in the summer, in order to raise the heart, the movement is slow and quiet.

As the most tired organ in the human body, the heart is burdened more heavily in the summer due to the accelerated blood circulation.

At this time, if you exercise too much, it is easy to get tired and hurt your heart.

Thinking that since the state of mind’s favorite state is tranquility, then we must avoid thinking too much and try to maintain a happy and happy mood.

In order to achieve this goal, we must gradually abandon our greed and make our hearts clear.

At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the mood, and it is easy to hurt the heart.

However, it is inevitable that people have seven passions and desires.

If we have emotions, we must find ways to dispose of them, and don’t hide everything in our hearts.

Well-educated, we learned to restrain our emotions and smile, but the body didn’t like it.

The long-term smoldering emotion in the body is like a toxin that can cause chronic damage to the mind and body.