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Hedao likes very determined,Chen Geng will pay for it,of course,After this production line is built,If it runs really well、Made a very good promotion for Dongying’s industry……Ok,When the car production lines from Dongying are sold all over the world,Dongying will thank him。
Not only Kawashima likes it,,The executive directors of Honda Technical Research present、The executive directors think so too,In their opinion, Chen Geng is a big fool,While exposing all his cards to himself,Also revealed his shortcomings……stupid guy,Don’t cheat you?
The little devil’s abacus is very smart。
But how can the little devil’s abacus be shrewd?
Since I dare to come to Dongying to fool you little devil,How could Chen Geng not even anticipate this situation?
He looks at the river island likes,Looking at Kume Shishi,Looking at Takuji Yamada,Looking at the executive directors and executive directors of Honda Technical Research present,Suddenly smiled:“Mr. Kawashima,And gentlemen,I think you might have made a mistake。”
Hedao likes a pair“Ask us what we got wrong?”Emoji,Very humble。
“Actually it’s not a big deal,”Chen Geng’s speech speed is a little slow,Slightly slower than normal speaking,Can make people better understand the content of his words:“Is that Fernandez has been established in China First Heavy Industries Corporation、The Second Heavy Industry Corporation reached a strategic cooperation agreement,China First Heavy Industries Corporation、China Second Heavy Industry Corporation will fully cooperate with Fernandez to develop the equipment needed for this automobile production line……This pair can develop a rocket、It shouldn’t be difficult for the major aerospace countries that develop satellites。
In addition,Henry·Mr. Ford also promised me,Will help me with Lincoln Electric、Miller Electric、Graco、American Paka and other welding equipment、Greetings from manufacturers of spraying equipment and complete sets of industrial automation equipment,Used to purchase high-precision production equipment that China has not yet able to provide,and so……”
He looked expectantly at the expression on Hedao’s face。
First255chapter You are not irreplaceable
Hedao’s preferences did not disappoint Chen Geng。
I heard that Chen Geng has already cooperated with China,And has gotten the chairman of Ford Motor Company Henry·Ford’s help,He’s stunned,Totally unwilling to believe this fact:Just kidding?How can this be?
But there was another voice in my heart telling him,This is real,This is very likely to be true。
For China,70Dongying people at the end of the decade had the most complicated psychology towards China,But in general,Dongying people of this era,The psychology of China is mainly in awe。
In awe?
Yes,Just awe,Although there is a little contempt、despise,But the mainstream view is still in awe。