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So link these two events,Qiao Tianyu came to a conclusion:That is to help the Rothschild family design the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and the Goldman Sachs GroupDBLPThe bond is the same person,And this person is Xu Jiahao!

Xu Jiahao, Xu Jiahao,I didn’t expect you to be really lingering!
In the last life, Xu Jiahao was misfortune for Qiao Tianyu’s life,Unexpectedly, in this life he took the initiative to find the door,Why did he spot Qiao Tianyu,I have to have trouble with Qiao Tianyu,Really annoying!
But thinking that the other party is Xu Jiahao,Qiao Tianyu has a headache。
honestly,In the last life, Qiao Tianyu couldn’t do anything with Xu Jiahao,And this life Xu Jiahao has the advantage of rebirth,Qiao Tianyu is even more useless,How can this be done?
seriously,After learning that his opponent is Xu Jiahao,Qiao Tianyu is indeed panicked,But even if Xu Jiahao is difficult to deal with,Qiao Tianyu also had to face reality,I can’t wait to catch it?
To know,Wu Minghao has only 17 hours left for Qiao Tianyu,If you can’t get Xu Jiahao before ten tonight,Wait for Wu Minghao to redeem one trillion dollars“Diplomatic bond”,Maybe it’s really going to end in a chicken fly egg fight。
In 17 hours, let Qiao Tianyu deal with Xu Jiahao, who had never been able to deal with in his previous life.,Is this a nasty rhythm??
But I have been forced to this point,No matter how difficult it is, I have to bite the bullet and walk down,Qiao Tianyu has no retreat at all!
But really,Although it has been analyzed that the opponent is Xu Jiahao,There is no doubt that Xu Jiahao is also the only one on this planet that can simultaneously control the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”The person who made trouble for Wu’s nephew and Qiao Tianyu。
And as a rebirth with the memories of the previous life,Xu Jiahao who has been against Qiao Tianyu for a lifetime,I definitely have the full motivation to cause trouble to Wu’s nephew and Qiao Tianyu。
But Qiao Tianyu just didn’t want to understand,1990Xu Jiahao set foot in“Diplomatic bond”,1992Xu Jiahao intervened in the pound exchange rate prevention and control system,Moreover, there was just a blow on Wu’s nephew,Xu Jiahao immediately took action。
Why is Xu Jiahao in such a short time,I learned that Wu Wenjie and Wu Minghao’s uncle and nephew wanted to use the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”Making a fuss?
And according to Wu’s uncle and nephew,Their plan has never been leaked to anyone,Even if Xu Jiahao is awesome,It’s impossible for him to understand the secrets of Wu’s uncle and nephew.?
strange,This matter is a bit unexplainable!
Forget it,Can’t control so much,Time is running out,The only solution for the present is to find a way to get Xu Jiahao,Get the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”The mystery,Let’s go through this crisis first。
“How to do,How can I fix Xu Jiahao?.”Qiao Tianyu is lying on the table,Racked my brains to think.
Two words。