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I heard that Qiao Tianyu wanted to buy Crupso’s big show,Blasted the pot at the scene,The drowsy media reporters also suddenly became interested,With twelve minutes’ spirits, they aimed the camera at Qiao Tianyu again。

But at this moment Qiao Tianyu just threw a small**It shocked everyone like this,The next heavyweight**Don’t you want to blow up people to death?
“Just now after I had the idea to buy Crupso’s big show,Then I changed my mind,How boring to buy only one Crupso show,Wouldn’t it be more exciting to buy Songkan Group directly?”Qiao Tianyu continued。
“Ok,This is indeed a good idea,If you want to buy it, just buy Songkan Group!
Briefly introduce this Songkan Group。
Songcan Group,An entertainment group founded in Thailand,Started with shemale performances in the 1950s,After painstaking work,Become the largest industry-wide large-scale entertainment group in Southeast Asia in one fell swoop。
Songkan Group is currently involved in film and television、food、KTV、Bath massage、Entertainment industry such as stage show,Almost monopolizes Thailand、Malaysia、Indonesia、All entertainment industries in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar,In particular, it completely monopolizes the shemale performance industry in Southeast Asia,Is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world。
Of course,The reason why Songkan Group was able to participate in Qiao Tianyu’s speech,Also because Songkan Group has another identity。
Songkhan Group is also an industry of Thailand’s Songkhan family,That is at the end of the eighties,will“Diplomatic bond”The first of the four major consortia in Southeast Asia whose trading market is disrupted—Songkhan Family!
Qiao Tianyu finally revealed his true intentions for this Southeast Asia trip,This time he turned out to be for the Songkan Group!
I heard that Qiao Tianyu came for Songkan Group,All the media reporters present were shocked and their mouths grew.,I didn’t get over for a long time。
Seeing the media reporters in the audience were shocked,Qiao Tianyu smiled and shook his head,Look at your unpromising look,Where is this?,I haven’t said even more exciting news!
Talk about trouble,A little bit Qiao Tianyu clearly understands,That is since I just said it myself“Songcan Group”From the moment of the name,Now I have been targeted by the Song Khan family who has a wide-eyed hand in Thailand。
But this is exactly what Qiao Tianyu wants,Qiao Tianyu is not afraid of being targeted by them,On the contrary, I am afraid not to be targeted by them!
In order to be better targeted by the Songkan family,Qiao Tianyu continued to speak without shame: