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If we continue like this,He estimated that he might exhaust his teeth。

so tired,So tired!
Eat for more than half an hour,Xin Zhao sat there touching his belly with his hand。
of course,This is just appearance,The actual situation is that Xin Zhao is using micro-current to stimulate his stomach,Let him digest。
“Letter,How should we train this afternoon?”
Ge Xiaolun sat opposite Xin Zhao,Looking at the lazy Xin Zhao,Asked expectantly。
Of course he wants Qiangwei to be with him,Although I can’t make some physical contact,But Ge(Qiangwei’s Licking Dog)Xiao Lun already thinks this is enough。
Qiangwei wants to oppose,But considering that I am the key to unlocking Ge Xiaolun’s cute wings,I can’t talk anymore。
“Ge Xiaolun,What you need now is to open your pair of black wings,Then use it freely,Not just a decoration like it is now,Understand!”Xin Zhao knows what Ge Xiaolun is thinking,But he is too lazy。
For Xin Zhao,The most important thing he needs to consider now is,How to consider a charging plan for yourself。
He feels like Kakashi in Hokage now,There are many big moves,But not much blue,I can’t show my true strength at all。
If Xin Zhao has endless energy to back up,Xin Zhao feels that he can hang everyone in the Xiongbing Company with no problem。
Ok,When the eldest sister Lena doesn’t open the gene lock。
The gene lock mentioned here,It’s not an infinite flow of genetic locks,It’s Lieyang Civilization in order to allow Lena to better control her power.,Add to her genes,A limit that allows her to slowly control her energy。
To know the real outbreak of Lena,But it’s easy to ignite a star,It’s like lighting a firecracker。
Just the power of the explosion,Enough to destroy all people or gods in the universe today。
Too powerful,The result is that Lena cannot perfectly control her own power.,She needs a little bit of her power。
Back to the topic,Xin Zhao feels like he can’t wait for Rena to come back。