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Rest assured?Really can rest assured?After returning to the city,Can do everything?

He has a feeling,I am just a sorrow.,What will happen?,That’s really no one said!
“I hope that Tang Dao and can raise a batch of grain,Otherwise I will enter the winter,This is really can’t play.。”
Section of the segment said。
NS978chapter Leave again(superior)
“Great victory!滏水 河!Goddess anti-Jinyang rebels,The first paragraph of the thief is seriously injured!”
“Great victory!滏水 河!Goddess anti-Jinyang rebels,The first paragraph of the thief is seriously injured!”
“Great victory!滏水 河!Goddess anti-Jinyang rebels,The first paragraph of the thief is seriously injured!”
Riding a white horse,Wearing a shiny silver paper,Mercedes in the wide street in Yucheng。Pedestries have retired,Then look at the other party,One side faces each other。
“Sure enough, it wins.!”
“But not?,I bet the ten.,This earned it.。”
“Hey,People who don’t gamble high,What is I think??”
“Who knows?,This is not good.。”
The streets are all discussing people。Gao Boyi led the Jinyang rebels led by the gods of the Water River.,Put the other party back to the hills of the water,This wave of offensive,It’s probably until here.。
Eye people can see,滏 水陉 陉 地,Can be a grain。A army beats the mountain road,If you can’t occupy the city,So returning is inevitable。
This is a thing that is easy to judge,Even if you don’t understand military people,Calm down thinking about it and understand。
“The main public has fallen.。”
In the alley next to a large household in Yucheng,A gray clothes,Squat on the ground,Compared with those outside the city,Just clean some。
His double triangle is full of cold and play,Returning the pedestrians who have passed,It seems that you can see who wants to be unfavorable to Gao Baoyi.。
“Boss,checked,This underground gambling,The person who bets the goddess army is really a lot.。”
The number one dog of the fish praised, the dog head nodded and said。
“well done,Go check one more,Who is note?,I want a list here.。How many words do you not?,Find a book that will write to help you record,Go back。”
Fish praised the dog’s head,He is long enough,Stand up,Stretch stretch。
“There is something to do again.!The main public hits the front,Let me fight in the back of the city.。”
Fish praise,The corner of the mouth reveals the arc。He knows what his role is。
some people,Gao Bao loves feathers,Not treated。For example, the high branch of the Gaoyu,For example, Yuan’s person,For example, the family is uncomfortable with Gao Baoyi.。
these people,It is the ladder of his fish.。As long as you can bite those people,How can I toss how to toss?,So how do you beat yourself in Gao Bao?,In fact, in the end,I am appreciative in my heart.。
at this point,Many people can’t see,It is believed that the fish is in the search,However, the fish praised himself but not so much.。
people,Always dead,Nothing is a morning and evening。
You are willing to be a slave,A decades。
Still want to be a great husband,Even if I can only come to a few months?
Everyone has a view of everyone,The view of fish praise is,It is one day that can be awkward.,Until later,who cares!This year,A cold is likely to be alarm,You can make sure you have peaceful peace in your life.?
Five military accounts,Dendrobs look complicated to Gao Baoyi,I don’t say much in my heart.,It is really uncomfortable。
He thought that Gao Baoyi would let himself,With Jinyang Xianbei Army Decisive Battle!