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In the autumn, the health of the lungs starts from 4 aspects.

In the autumn, the health of the lungs starts from 4 aspects.

September 23 is the autumnal year. Chinese medicine believes that the natural yang is gradually getting more and more, the yin is getting longer, the scenery is sluggish, and the air is dry.

Since dryness is the mainstay of autumn, it is usually said that “dryness hurts the lungs” since ancient times, that is, the human body at this time is extremely vulnerable to dryness and injuring the lungs.

Therefore, autumn health first has to raise the lungs.

  There are symptoms such as less sweating, dry cough, etc.: It is likely to be “warm and dry” in the autumn when the wind is dry. The invasion of dryness causes people to get sick, often called “autumn dryness”.

If you do not pay attention to health, when the temperature and humidity interfere with changes, the body’s resistance will decline, the most common is the cold, cough patients increased.

  At the beginning, the nasopharynx first shrinks the mucous membrane and feels dry, and then there will be pain due to congestion, irritations of the nasopharynx, dry burning, dry cough and less phlegm; tracheal laryngeal mucosal lesions and coughing, called “Dry cough.”

  If the dry cough is not treated in time, it may cause bronchitis and bronchitis, making the lungs more injured.

Because dryness attacks the mouth and nose and other upper jaws, it is often accompanied by symptoms such as dry mouth and throat and paroxysmal dry cough.

If you only have cough as the main symptom, it is called “autumn dry cough.”

  Autumn dryness can be divided into “warm dry” and “cool dry”. Their results will lead to loss of yin and jin, symptoms such as dry skin and loss of body fluids, and damage to the human lungs, often manifested as dry mouth, cleft lip, and stuffy nose., sore throat, paroxysmal dry cough, even nosebleeds or bloody sputum and other “dryness” similar to upper respiratory tract infection.

  In addition, because the function of the lungs is inhibited, the body may have insufficient oxygen supply, and the body fluid is depleted, which in turn causes skin itching, hair wilting, constipation and other symptoms.

  In the autumn, the lungs have to be anatomized from these four aspects. “Autumn dryness” is the key to nourishing yin and qi. Yangyin can prevent lung dryness, and Qi can warm the lungs.

To raise yin and benefit, you should start from all aspects of life.

  Eat – drink more porridge should: eat more vegetables, fruits, can supplement the body’s body fluid, there is a moistening effect, heat and laxative effect; can also eat more honey, lily, lotus seeds, carrots, clams, pears, sesame seeds,Lili porridge, sweet porridge, milk porridge, etc. cooked by the fungus.

  More intake of protein, magnesium, calcium-rich foods, can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Get up and drink a cup of boiled water to dilute the blood.

You can drink light tea during the day, insist on drinking two or three cups of tea a day, and have a health-care effect on the heart.

  Avoid: Eat spicy fried fried hot food, some leeks, garlic, onions, ginger, star anise, fennel and other spicy foods and condiments, as well as fried chicken legs and other fried foods.

  Wear – Do not wear clothes too early. According to the weather changes and the physical condition of each person, increase or decrease clothes in time to prevent exogenous cold.

Don’t prematurely “dress more”, pay attention to cold-resistant exercise, which is what people often say “autumn freeze”.

  Exercise – Cold water exercise is appropriate for some cold-resistant exercises, do some aerobic exercises, such as hiking, walking, tai chi, cycling, dancing and so on.

  Appropriate cold water exercise has a certain effect on preventing cold, cold, runny nose and bronchitis. Therefore, you can wash your face with cold water, wash your feet, bath nose, etc., and people with strong body can also wash cold water bath.

  Spirit – often laughed Xuanfei: Chinese medicine has a “normal smile Xuanfei” said.

Different degrees of laughter have appropriate coordination effects on organs such as the respiratory organs, chest, abdomen, internal organs, and muscles.

  Avoid: Hypertensive hypertension and arteriosclerosis and patients after surgery should not laugh and laugh.

  It is important to note that “Yin Yin Run Lung” is not suitable for everyone. It is often said that “Yin Yin Run Lung” is good for autumn health, not for anyone.

For example, some of the slow-resistance lungs are not only related to lung dryness, but most of them are related to the spleen and dampness, and the kidneys are incompatible with each other. This type of patient is often referred to by Chinese medicine as a result of physical and symptom characteristics.The yin or yang is not enough, not dry and yin, so it is not suitable for “nurturing yin and moistening the lungs.”