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Don’t say,This year, whether it is North Qi or North Zhou,Like this, there is no soldier but top“General”Title of title,It’s really not too much.。

“Bamboo,At the end, if you put it in one person,Willing to mention!”
“Chen Zhen ambushed five hundred bow hands in the mountain forest,If you put people come in,He doesn’t have to do it.,You sent people to wake up with him.!”
Li Dacheng has been in terrorism。Others have smashed it, maybe there is a living road.,He smashed,It’s better to commit suicide.,What is also a matter of prove that he is a“Tough guy”!
“Master,Be properly arranged,Let’s wait for it.,how?”
Gao Biyi looked up and smiled at the master,This smile,But let the other party feel cold and chestnut!
NS1022chapter Slaughter(Down)
Cold moonlight,Photo on the white snow,Reflects the horrible rays。Rugged mountain road,Footprint of people and animals,Hand covered with snow。
During night, Jinquan Mountain,As if it is a independent world isolated from the world,Can’t see any fireworks。
Alert,Really good,Worthwhile,After all, there are more books.,Books,Update fast!
only,Night color,A group“Black shadow”,Slow and firmly move。They have the word to grow the serpentine,Be careful to close the deep pool of Jinquan Mountain,And the Jinlong Temple there。
Suits on these people,Like there is no weight,Do not send any sound when moving,Only when you step on the snow, you will have some weakness.“Huff”Voice。
Their actions,Steady and ghost,Moving speed is slow,But for a moment, I never stopped.。Without lights,Moonlight is the road to them。
Three fireworks bloom in the air,Illuminate the night sky,Also illuminated the shadow that is moving below。
“not good!Mid!”
Leader shouted,However, this seems to be a nonsense.,Because of the general arrow,When his voice did not fall,I have already whistled。
call out!call out!call out!
Continuous arrow,There is also a blade archery and the sound of the bow, which is mixed.。
Shot,Screaming,Many people fall after falling,I have never standing up.。
soon,Those ones“Black shadow”,No one can stand again.,Basically already dead,Only a very small number of rolls on the ground。
However,Those ones“catch”Hand,But did not stop,Still continue to be archery towards the bodies!
So,Many people who have been shot,In addition, there were many arrows in the contumption.,I don’t know how to kill them.,What kind of mind is there?。
perhaps,Just to vent the hearts of some kinds of emotions are not known.。
I finally stopped,Then ambush the hands of this team,But did not appear but patience,I have been waiting for them to wait for a group of people from the mountain.。
These personal parties are holding a cross knife,Holding a fire carefully。
When they see a certain paragraph on the rugged mountain road,People who lying in the gray robes,It is also shocked a big jump.。
Because these corpses are densely labeled, there are more than a dozen more than a few more than a few.,It looks like a hedgehog。