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Crossing 9, 10 two consumption months, lasting 40 days of the first Jilin "98 Consumer Festival" ended successfully. On the 28th, the reporter learned from the event summary meeting. The promotion of this consumption will be unprecedented, with a total of 94.05 million yuan (72.61 million yuan), the promotion is remarkable, and the accumulated sales exceeds 4 billion yuan. The activities have greatly promoted the release of consumption recovery and potential in Jilin Province, in order to promote the promotion of the consumption expansion and improve the new strong power. From the increase in the growth of the Jilin province, the province of the province in September increased the growth rate of the subsidiaries, ranking 8th in the country. From January to September, the subsidiary growth rate is more than four consecutive months than the national average.

This consumption festival is in place, covering the city, urban and rural areas, and the channel is blended in the online line. The business covers the business, brigade, text, body, and activities including political, enterprises, silver, platforms. strength.

Event adhere to the government guidance, market leading principles, superimposed, and form a political and enterprise promotion. All local governments have increased the promotion of coupons, and various departments have carried out more than 30 launching ceremonies based on publicity and guidance.

The company has enthusiastic, the number of participation is more than 1,000, and it has introduced discounts, full reduction coupons, double points, lottery free, gift red envelopes, and the merchants who participate in the activities of Changchun have more than 100 million yuan. This event fully integrates government power and social resources, guiding manufacturers, retailers and service providers, etc., enriched activities, and accelerates the formation of scale and overflow effects, and launched large-scale promotions throughout the province. It is reported that the next step, Jilin Province will seriously summarize the good experience in promoting the first "98 Consumer Festival", and further consolidate the results, and do a good job in promoting consumption in the fourth quarter, while holding the second "98 Consumption Festival" for the coming year. be prepared. (Xu Mu Flag) Editor: Kang Shiqi.