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This is the most enjoyable way to eat pork belly. It is much better than braised pork. At the moment of cooking, I am hungry.

This is the most enjoyable way to eat pork belly. It is much better than braised pork. At the moment of cooking, I am hungry.

Mid-Autumn Festival special limited onion chestnut meat?
Modern people attach great importance to health, and the average family has less indulge in big fish and meat.

But in special occasions, the special days are very different, and you can slightly indulge your appetite.

For example, a wedding or a dinner party, I must arrive early; if it is too late, the colleague’s table is full, and must be on the same table as the unfamiliar person. Should this be our advantage?

Moreover, this usually does not eat, and those who do not eat suddenly suddenly appear like a tiger, no taboos.

Their words are: “It is better to eat than to eat, or to eat like a sheep. Occasionally, chances are coming. Of course, you have to eat a big meal and comfort yourself!”


In fact, as long as you have a modest, balanced diet, you should not live so much?

Pretend that you are a sheep?

Mid-Autumn Festival, of course, is a special day!

The relatives who study or work outside, the children will go home to reunion, and it is in the fall, and the festival of joy and happiness will give you a nutritious meal. It is also a happy joy!

Which parents do not want to see the whole family happy to eat reunion dinner?

In particular, this “onion chestnut roast meat” can be pre-made in addition to the festive atmosphere of the year, and it can be heated before the table to provide a kitchen for busy reunion dinners (or dinners or banquets).”Retracting” the space that slows down, like magic, suddenly becomes a table of dishes (the truth is prepared in advance for a long time).

The material I made for this year’s limited edition is 650 grams of pork belly, one onion, 20 chestnuts with annual festival atmosphere, one pepper and three garlic cloves.

Seasonings are rice wine, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and red pepper powder.

Before you have any other movements, you should first soak the chestnuts (about 30 minutes).

Then turn around and put the pork belly on the rice wine and cut it into two pieces (about square, so you must first calculate the meat when you buy the meat), and fry the shape on the six sides in the hot pot (can be fried, you can also tie the cotton rope)Instead of) standby.

Then the ingredients (the difference between the common clams are onions and chestnuts), onions, peppers, and garlic cloves are properly taken care of.

The first job is ok!

Use the oil just fried meat to sauté the garlic, onions, and peppers, add the chestnuts, stir well, and place in the saucepan. Then place the two pieces of meat on top (the skin is facing down) and add the rice wine.200cc, immediately seasoning, oyster sauce 10cc, sugar amount, sprinkle some red pepper powder, add 350cc of water to make the meat piled up (of course, simply use a bottle of rice wine) after the fire is burned, turn to small fire, cover, slowly lick itThis onion chestnut can be finished in about 100 minutes!

(Remember to turn over in 30 minutes, or carefully at the end of the second half of the time, often use the soup to pour the skin to make the hue beautiful.

As for the swinging, it will change depending on the situation.

In peacetime, the proportion of meat is thicker, and it has a thicker chestnut flavor. Therefore, there is a strong Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere. Onions also add a lot to the taste and taste. Let everyone enjoy it!

Ps: Don’t waste the leftover marinade, I will bring it to the dried bean curd, please wait!

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