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[Barley tea is effective]_Barley tea_Benefits_Inevitable

Barley tea is a kind of tea beverage made from barley stir-fry. It is usually appropriate to drink some. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, laxative and laxative. It has a good effect in preventing accumulation of food and conditioning the stomach.Theophylline of ordinary tea does not contain caffeine, so drinking it properly will not cause insomnia and will not stimulate the nerves. It is a very good nutrition and health tea.

1. Barley has the effects of strengthening the spleen and digesting food, removing heat and quenching thirst, and lowering qi and water.

Barley tea is mainly used to eliminate temperature and detoxify, strengthen the spleen and lose weight, clear away heat and relieve heat, remove fishy diarrhea, aid digestion, relieve greasiness, and moisturize hair.

2. Barley tea can also be used: (1) Excessive diet, chest tightness, bloating, fried black grind clothes, there are inflammation and swelling, and the effect of stopping diarrhea.

(2) The pediatric food product, the face with yellow muscles and lean, the old and the weak, eat less fatigue, take barley with sugar, Yiqi Jianwei.

(3) gastrointestinal ulcers, barley as a staple food, can calm stomach qi and relieve pain.

(4) Heat and thirst, use barley sautéed tea to clear the heat and clear fluids, remove irritations and quench thirst.

3. Experts on fried black (battered) barley tea have demonstrated that black-battered barley can stop diarrhea, but it is harmful to normal people. Jiufu can make people gradually dry, get angry, and can’t reach it.The real effect, for example: foods that are fried for too long now contain carcinogens.

4. Barley tea does not contain theophylline, caffeine, tannin, etc. It does not stimulate nerves, does not affect sleep, does not pollute tea sets, and does not pollute teeth.

5. Barley tea is a coarse grain.

Precipitated cellulose in coarse grains can regulate digestion and absorption, thereby delaying the absorption of nutrients.

The precipitated cellulose may produce a feeling of fullness, avoid excessive heat energy, trace amounts, precipitation, and have complications.