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“I will collect the blood energy of the dark monster,Used to strengthen oneself,You still need half of the monster’s profit。”Lu Menglin said lightly。

This remark,There was an uproar at the scene。
Everyone’s first reaction is that this guy is too greedy,Actually want half of the income。
I don’t know Bei Gongwang but laughed without hesitation:“Deal!I want to be the first to invite you!”
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“can!”
Hear the conversation between the two,Mu Feiyan was surprised,Then it reacted immediately,So angry that she glared at Bei Gong。
The truth is actually very simple,Just need to be very clear-headed,In order to react immediately。
And Bei Gongwang is obviously such a clear-headed god from the nation。
So-called sacrifice,Actually hunting!Equivalent to hiring this hero with half of the hunting proceeds,Then there is one more opportunity to sacrifice and harvest,Whether or not you can summon a hero,Actually made。
Because the hunting of the gods is a three-person professional team,Especially hunting those powerful dark onesBOSSwhen,Three professions must be together,Sometimes even more people are needed to cooperate。
And according to the principle of distribution,Generally the three occupations are equally divided,This is the fairest,And the least controversial。
But if the hero who hired He Bu played,As long as you cooperate properly,Maybe just a combination of two is enough,Because he can use three professional skills,The proceeds from this hunt,Even if you split equally,Also much more than one-third。
and so,This so-called sacrifice,For the god nation,It’s basically a good deal with no loss。
Bei Gongwang thought of this in the first place,So I agreed without hesitation。
“I can accept an appointment,But when will you go,With whom,It’s all up to me。If you want to sacrifice,Best to give me the information of the target monster first,Because the stronger the dark monster,The easier it is to sacrifice good things。”Lu Menglin smiled。
When everyone heard this,All reacted immediately。
This sacrifice event is definitely a good thing!It’s a pity that Bei Gongwang was the first to win,Take the lead。