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Wang Youcai went fast,He was thinking。Julan married such a person,It’s like marrying a bunch of hard and smelly rotten cow dung。

First1498chapter Snow day
The morning of the twenty-fourth lunar month,Wang Youcai got up early if he didn’t sleep well all night。It’s not a good thing to be too idle,I always have such thoughts in my heart。
The moment I opened the door,First, a cold wind rushed towards you,Then you see a world of silver。It turned out that there was a heavy snow last night。Wang Youcai is like a child,Jumped into the snow。Plop,This snow actually passed the vamp。
Wang Youcai hurriedly backed out,Stomped a few times on the concrete steps。The snow on the vamp fell on the ground without any remaining。Such cold weather,The snow won’t melt anywhere。
Damn!New Year is coming,Tian Wa said he would be on duty for him during the New Year,But it’s really hard to get into the mountain with such a heavy snow。Wang Youcai is worried that he won’t be able to return home during the New Year。
Thinking about things,Wang Youcai, who had nothing to do, began to clean the snow in the yard。He can’t clean the entire yard,Only with the power of Father Sun。He first shoveled a way to the gate from his own door,Shovel down this road,He already feels hot all over,Without a trace of chill。
Then he shoveled another way to the toilet。No matter how cold it is,No matter how big the snow is,He can’t avoid going to the toilet。Shovel this one,He began to shovel the way to the kitchen。This distance is not far,Can complete the task soon。
Just when Wang Youcai was doing his best,Suddenly there was the sound of knocking on the big iron gate。Wang Youcai carried a shovel and walked over,No one else is standing outside the gate,It’s Yao Chunni。
Why did she come so early today?Wang Youcai looked behind her suspiciously,I haven’t seen any old immortal Li Lanxiang,Wang Youcai is overjoyed。From the keychain on the waist,Take the key,Panic opened the big iron door。Wait for Yao Chunni to enter the door,He locked the big iron door again。
Yao Chunni wrapped herself tightly。Only two moving eyes showed on his face。Two people walk in,Wang Youcai asked softly:“Why are you so early today?“
“What do you mean?Can’t you come early??Then I will go back now“Yao Chunni said,Really turned around and walked back。