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Beijing Haidian 1 person nucleic acid detection is positive, 2 places have been closed

According to the Haidian District CDC, November 12, Beijing Haidian District reported, and the results of 1 person nucleic acid test in Ma Lianzhi Street is positive.Haidian District immediately launched emergency response, the first time to carry out streaming investigation, sealing management, nucleic acid testing, etc., and closing control of the Ma Lian Street, Huayuan, the relevant personnel, and controlled control.Next, Haidian District will adhere to fast streaming, fast-managed, fast testing, further refinement of trace stream, grabbing the time to investigate secrets, secondary adhesion personnel and implement central isolation, strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures against relevant personnel and regions,Resolutely block viral communication channels.Source: WeChat public account Beijing Haidian (original title: Beijing Haidian 1 Nucleic acid detection is positive, 2 places have been closed) Source: Chang’an Street IMP WeChat public number process Editor: U025.