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Yang Yang, a single member from the school physical education, the main problem is the positioning of sport in education. The first is the physical education curriculum only stay on, a child studies to grade, the first sacrifice is certainly physical education, so examination-oriented education for the implementation of physical education can play a significant role. Xue original first proposed the idea of health first within the education system, the implementation of a real sport to the children to grow up in.

Secondly, make physical education more inclined to education of personality and character. So, I think the whole evaluation system of education to have a new change, so find a real sport suitable location in order to reflect the value of sport.

Wu Jian healthy China and the construction of sports power should not indulge the child physical deterioration, or one-sided pursuit of enrollment rate. Therefore, China’s development to this stage, you want to be together sports and education, sports culture will become the culture of personality, in order to better cultivate a new generation physically labor to improve country’s soft power. Xue original two current campus sports is also facing some constraints, such as lack of professional sports teachers.

Can the power of social forces training institutions and the campus of the organic integration.

Let sports penetrate into the children grow them every day, so that children really feel the joy brought about sports, which is of great value to help children grow up healthy. Wu Jian insisted sun for an hour of physical exercise, doing physical examinations and sports standard test, adhere to the basic improve school conditions and adhere to one to two sports to teach children the basic skills. Innovation is the combination of home-school, community-binding; explore new methods of teaching in; with large data monitoring to ensure that a large classroom and recess activities effective; precise interventions with health problems of children.

Yang Yang for identification of talent, in addition to cultural studies exam, other aspects of expertise also an important reference. For example, in foreign countries, there are sports talented children will be able to occupy a certain advantage in college admissions. The foreign sports scores on the assessment of the project as the overall quality of children, there is a clear standard, which we can learn. Xue three former Currently, the system integration of sports and education system in the bottleneck, event incompatible Each His Own on both sides. In fact, sports is the cause of the high attrition rate, there have been left behind in the growth process athletes, which requires the education system to catch people left behind in order to ensure that children and parents not to worry about so confidently allow your children engaged in competitive sports industry . Yang Yang, many children are passive members to give up sports because the school did not provide the opportunity and the stage to show their ability. Also, I think the process Combination of sports and education sectors who is the subject of some vague, perhaps, the future of the sports associations materialized in this regard will be a breakthrough.

Wu Jian from the education sector, the event can cultivate children healthy, indomitable fighting spirit, foster children, young people healthy personality, and can verify the results of teaching and found that back-up talent in this arena, this is our education sector to build competitive the purpose of the stage. I feel the original four Xue, the sport into the college entrance examination also highlights the importance of sports. But if the sport into the evaluation system as a test, in the long run, and to some extent become a candidate. We hope to be able to enter the children live sports, become the content of a lifetime benefit. Examination can not fully achieve this goal, I think it may be even more comprehensive consideration. Yang Yang committee I personally feel that adding sports in the entrance, you may want to take care of special populations, as the Chinese college entrance examination personnel selection system is relatively fair, because we do not want sports to make it unfair.

If the PE exam content can not take care of all children, it is a kind of unfair. Can you consider all the child’s athletic talent can be incorporated.

Wu key if you want to test is necessary to solve three problems. First need to address fairness issues, mainly design examination system; the second is to solve the comprehensiveness and adaptability; third step, to solve scientific problems and systems, capable of integration in a variety of sports skills.

The pursuit of social and cultural development to a certain stage, we go to the pursuit of sports to become teen lifestyle.

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Roundtable introduced in recent years, my country’s youth sports to carry out gradually getting better, but still there is a problem. Especially during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, youth physical decline, lack of exercise habits and other issues outstanding, but there have been extreme cases, students resume classes after the sudden death of the movement. This shows, sports development of young people remains to be done.

People Sports Ministry held "Junior strong China strong" series of round table, inviting sports, the field of education experts and scholars around the country youth sports development ideas, issues, expand the series to discuss.