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  Xinhua Net Guangzhou October 16th "Playing Tooth" "Playing Tasty" Author Lin Yu is a new book "Playing Shanghai". This book has recorded a lot of ground-spirited street shops and famous kitchen stores, and features specialty ingredients and special cooking methods.

  Lin Yu is a tidal, a gourmet, likes to study and innovate to all places, ingredients.

He looks for food history, and the food experiment penetrates his beautiful student living concept. "Playing Shanghai" is the result of him in Shanghai to Shanghai, with tea friends, with the results of gourmet friends.

This book has food, flavor, beautiful wine, famous kitchen, memory on the tip of the tongue, the story of the Years of Mountain River. Although most of the writing, it is to eat as a primer, through interesting things, Ya tits, and expect to know the readers who know the delicate food and life. Lin Quan is hoping to explore some delicious or customs of "not known to the deep people" through this book, and we also hope that you can provide a little reference material, or Bo Jun smile for friends who come to Shanghai.