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Let’s dress ourselves up with sports

I want to show your unique charm in this season. Non-dynamic makeup is innumerable-gorgeous Olympic colors, dynamic makeup lines, natural and healthy two-toed . What are you waiting for?

Let’s dress ourselves up with sports and win the glamour championship.

  Screaming-“Lips and Lips” is full of attractive yellow and pink colors, completely subverting the ordinary lip color, so that both shouting and cheering can overcome their strength.

  Eyes: Lightly apply a light brown eye shadow to the upper eyelids to make the contours of the eyes more prominent.

Then use eyeliner to attach from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye.

Finally, golden brown eyeshadow smudged from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye.

The same is true for the lower eyelid, but not too large.

Stretching the eyebrows can make the eyes full of vitality and glory.

  Cheeks: Choose a light foundation to apply evenly on the skin. The foundation should not be too thick, and then set with matte loose powder to create a clean and natural foundation.

  Lips: Cover the lip color with foundation first, and then set the makeup with loose powder to better reflect the color of the lipstick.

Apply pink lipstick to the upper lip and lemon yellow lipstick to the lower lip. Note the transition of the two colors at the corner of the lip.

  Single product recommendation: L’Oreal Tianmei Huan Rouge Paris L’Oreal International Make-up Master: James Carriados: try two-color lips!

  Bright jumping colors are best for sports makeup, such as orange and blue.

  The best effect of sports makeup is concise and focused, not necessarily everything, but it is best to have distinctive characteristics.

You can choose one of the eyeshadows, eyelashes or lips to highlight it locally.

  Sports makeup must be both freehand and delicate, and not deliberately changed. Real and natural is the most beautiful expression.

  Multi-purpose waterproof products or creamy smooth products can make your makeup shine.

  Winking-“Blue Sky and Clouds” and “Smile” Blue not only add charm to your makeup, but also make your eyes convey friendly words.

  Costume: AnnaRitaN Eyes: Apply a light layer of pearly eyeshadow to the upper eyelids.

Then use an eyeliner to tilt from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye, the same for the lower eyeliner.

Finally, pearlescent blue eyeshadows were blended from the end of the eyes to the corners of the eyes.

Eyebrows can be slightly heavier.

  Cheeks: Choose a natural and clear apricot liquid foundation, and then set the makeup with a transparent loose powder. Add some pearl powder to the loose powder.

A pink blush is applied under the cheekbones to enhance contours while retouching contours.

  Lips: Choose a natural milk tea color lipstick, and pair it with a transparent lip gloss to make lips hydrated.

  Single product recommendation: L’Oreal Glamour Eyeshadow Paris L’Oreal China Special Makeup Artist Tang Yi: The most dynamic eye makeup of blue eye makeup is the overall highlight, and blue best reflects the sense of movement.

Just swipe a thin layer to the middle of the upper eyelid, fade from the outer end to the inner end of the eye, and lightly faint.

  Regardless of eyebrow shape or eyeliner, the rising lines are not only dynamic, but also enhance the magical effect of facial contours.

  Sports lips should be bright in color to highlight the three-dimensional outline and gloss.

  The base makeup is natural, long-lasting and clear.

  Come on-“Sunshine” does not need much modification, natural and sunlight are the most beautiful makeup, come on!


  Clothing: PUMA Sports Watch: Tissot Folding Bicycle Provided: American DAHON Sanlitun Store Eyes: Eyebrows without eyebrows can make the whole look more dynamic.

Apply a light layer of golden eye shadow to the upper eyelid, and then use a brown eye shadow to blend from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye.

  Cheeks: Light, natural foundation is spread evenly with fingers.

Then use a darker foundation to hit the cheeks from the back to the front, connecting with the lighter foundation.

Two colors are also used when setting makeup: transparent loose powder and deep loose powder.

Choose blush in sunny orange color, and smudge at the top of the cheekbones towards the edge of the bun.The highest point of the chin can also be gently applied, which can make the face more sporty.

  Lips: Apply foundation to the lips, cover the initial lip color and set the makeup.

Apply pink flesh lipstick on lips.

  Single product recommendation: L’Oreal perfect flawless liquid foundation L’Oreal Paris China special makeup artist Tang Yi: “uneven” base makeup is more sunny sports makeup can choose a slightly lighter base color, using “uneven” smear method, from the insideOutside and leaving the outline skin tone, the skin looks bright and transparent while creating a natural three-dimensional outline.

  Simplified eye makeup, not too thick eyebrows, with straight or slightly raised eyebrows.

  Extend the orange blush in a circle from the highest point of the cheekbones to the outside, and swipe on the jaw and forehead to create a sun-drenched feeling. It can also absorb the bronze bright powder on the naked body, looking healthierShine.

  Use a sufficient amount of lip balm, and after absorption, use nude translucent lipstick or lip gloss to polish and naturally moisturize.