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China Resources C’estbon Magic upgraded to market, overweight layout of sports drink market

China Resources C’estbon “Magic” upgraded to market, overweight layout of sports drink market
On May 15th, CR Power’s subsidiary sports drink brand, Magic, was newly upgraded and launched, strengthening its layout in the sports drink market.The new products listed in this upgrade include magic vitamin (lemon flavor), magic electrolyte (coconut water flavor), magic amino acid (grapefruit flavor) and various flavors. The positioning is to provide daily sports enthusiasts with some reasonable supply suggestions for sportsSports series drinks.With the continuous improvement of consumers’ health awareness, more people participate in physical exercise, the functional beverage market will continue to show great potential.The survey shows that in 2017, the global sports beverage market has reached the order of 28 billion US dollars, and still maintains an average of 5 per year.6% high compound strength.In China, China’s sports beverage market exceeded 5 billion yuan in 2017, and the projected compound growth in the next five years is as high as 14%, which is expected to reach the tens of billions level.At the far end, while China Resources C’estbon is making packaging water, it has also increased its research and development and investment in beverages.Numerous new products such as honey water lemon, zuowei tea matter, small main bacteria, grape holiday, etc. have been launched one after another, and then the demands of different consumer markets.The upgrade of the new magic power to market in 2020 heralds the addition of China Resources C’estbon in the sports beverage market, and it is also a further attempt to expand its diversified beverage company.Some people call it that China Resources Cabo has a long-term focus on sports and product genes that focus on young consumers.At the same time, it is a partner of the Chinese national team / TEAM CHINA, and has strong sports marketing capabilities in the field of marathon events, and also has advantages in channel construction. These will promote the brand promotion of magic new products.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang Image source Image courtesy editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Li Shihui