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“cut,Your island country is great。The economy is supported by women,But it doesn’t give women enough status。Your island countries are small**.”

It was good to discuss current affairs,It just happened on the Internet,Always chatting and talking about it。
But other web forums have a different style。In short, not a few hours,The video and voice in the conference room of the official building have gone viral in the entire online world。
After knowing this, Kurosawa Jiro broke out in a cold sweat,Even contacted their own relationship and asked to close all major web pages。
But all his friends in the past refused to answer his calls。
Others are not fools,If this kind of thing helped him,You don’t have to think about it and you will definitely become a public enemy。It will be difficult to turn it over by then。
When Tim Huang sends someone to take Heosawa away,Kurosawa has long been paralyzed on the ground,The eyes are long gone,Because he knew he was done!
“Is there anything else you want to say??”The leader is named Atan,I was crushed by him before and couldn’t get to the top。But now I see him leading the team,Kurosawa knows,I am afraid that this will be the next cabinet minister.。
“Ha ha,Be careful, Qin Feng, the representative of China from Miyamoto。you
Can’t beat him!”
“Kurosawa,This is not what you should worry about。You should think about,I need someone to save your life。Otherwise, you can only see Hades.”
Qin Feng is a little depressed,He was released after being locked up for a day。He had already turned on his communication equipment,Even bring the pinhole camera。These devices were transferred back to Miyamoto’s house,You Zhong Fa and Li Huancāo)Do the rest。