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Another half year passed,The lonely upper god in white clothes and white sword also reached the goal of the gods,But this man in white is extremely arrogant,Did not communicate with anyone,Standing aside with a long sword。

Sixth year,Three cold-tempered gods also arrived at the entrance of the cemetery。These three gods are gloomy,The first person is as thin as a skeleton,Beard and hair are pale,What’s more pervasive is that there are only whites in the pupil。But no one looked at the three of them directly,A middle god,Two lower gods,Are the three remaining species of the Bone Forest God。
These three gods quickly moved closer to the Renalth family,But the members of the four mythical beasts family don’t care。
The honest youth of the Qinglong clan‘Jels’Transmission told Wright,These gods should come from a force in the underworld‘Bone Forest’the member of。
Wright laughed,The supernatural power of this white bone forest and the upper god elders were killed by himself,Only these few weak。
And the last upper god,At the end of the ninth year,When Wright concluded that the sanctuary was about to come out,He was late。This last upper god,Is a very strong man,Shirtless,The skin of the upper body shows a metallic texture,At the same time there is a purple thunder and lightning jump on the body surface–Wright can judge,He is a super strong person who practices the laws of thunder and lightning and the laws of the earth,On the oppressive breath is the strongest among the five upper gods。
Wright feels vaguely,The only one among the five high-level gods that he may not be able to beat is him.。
“Rumbling。”Beirut led almost sixty sanctuary powerhouses to appear at the entrance of the cemetery of the gods。
“Lord Beirut!”
“Mr. Beirut。”
“Lord Palace。”
Many god-level powerhouses salute Beirut。And the sanctuary behind Beirut did not,But one by one。
So many god-level powerhouses,Any one can crush them all,It’s really scary。
Beirut looked around。Nodded:“well,It seems that all the gods other than the guardian of the plane have arrived。”
“In that case,I will simply talk about the rules for entering the cemetery of the gods。
“The first eleven floors of the cemetery of the gods are entered by the sanctuary,And the lower god begins,Enter from the twelfth floor,The middle god starts from the 13th floor,The upper gods start from the fourteenth floor。”
“Every floor has guards arranged by the Lord God,Kill or bypass the guard,You can enter the next floor through the passage。of course,Even the level you just entered,Are quite difficult。There will be different gifts in each layer。”
In case of danger,Can escape to the upper level,But I can’t escape to my initial level,In other words,The median escapes to the thirteenth floor at most,The upper gods can escape to the 14th floor at most。”