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“OK OK,I’m too worried,I won’t do it anymore.?”Li Lanhua said,Turn around and run to the room。Watching her fall silent,Wang Youcai felt a little uncomfortable,After all, I’m holding bad in my heart。

Yao Chunni watched her mother-in-law enter the house,Deliberately speaking loudly:“I’ll accompany you for my wife,She is older,Doing things a bit weird,Don’t take it to heart”
“OK!Forget it this time,If it’s still next time,I leave immediately”Wang Youcai craned his neck,Deliberately speaking loudly。He is talking to Li Lanhua。
Yao Chunni smiled shyly at Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai immediately understood what she meant,This woman must have looked at the underwear under the blanket。
Wang Youcai got behind Yao Chunni in two steps,Whispered behind her ears:“How about underwear?Like it?”
“So ashamed,That’s also called clothes,Who dares to wear”Yao Chunni blushed,The sound is as small as a mosquito。
Wang Youcai listened,The whole person is soft,He chuckles softly:“This is underwear,I told you to wear it outside。The women in the city wear this,That’s why I bought it for you”
“Necrotic,I can say this。I can tell you,I accepted the clothes because I don’t want my mother-in-law to see troubles,No other meaning,Don’t think too much”Yao Chunni finished,Trot away。
Leaving Wang Youcai’s face at a loss,What does this woman mean?She really thought so in her heart,Or deliberately?But someone seems to have said such a sentence,What the woman said,Generally reverse。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai was cheating。Anyway, Ni Xiaoli is going to divorce him,He doesn’t mess around outside and doesn’t mean anything。Life alive,I can’t treat myself badly。You can toss when you are young,It’s hard to wait until you get old and can’t move?
Wang Youcai is lying on the kang,Thinking wildly,Suddenly I heard Yao Chunni calling him out for dinner in the yard。Wang Youcai ate in the city when he came back this afternoon,Besides, he bought so many snacks,You can skip dinner this evening。
But when I thought of taking the opportunity of dinner to see Chunni,So he turned over and went down to the kang,Walked out the door。This Li Lanhua is really stingy。She saw it was getting dark,Moved the small table for eating to the yard,So there is no need to light the kerosene lamp。
Li Lanhua saw that Wang Youcai was here,Then he laughed and said:“Eat cool in the yard,Also save fuel,Are you city people still used to it?“
“As long as you don’t stare at me all day long,I am used to everything“Wang Youcai said and laughed,Sat on the chair。There are two chairs in total,Li Lanhua took a seat,The other hand is given to Wang Youcai。Yao Chunni can only sit on a wooden pier,Because she sits low,And sitting across from Wang Youcai。
When Yao Chunni lowered her head to eat and drink soup,The softness on her chest came out from her neckline。Wang Youcai glanced at it,The little heart beats wildly。Li Lanhua lowered his head,Have been eating vegetables。
Yao Chunni may have discovered Wang Youcai’s wicked vision,So suddenly smiled and said:“Xiao Wang!I saw you brought back so many delicious food from the city just now,Give my mom something in a while!Her old man is so old,I haven’t eaten any foreign gadgets“
Yao Chunni said,And winked at Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai is not a fool,He immediately understood,Rather than getting stiff with this old woman,Better to invigorate。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai said with a smile:“As long as Auntie doesn’t dislike,I’ll get it for her in a while,But it’s not a good thing,All snacks”
“Alright!My old lady doesn’t want to eat anything,It’s wrong to have this bowl of rice”Li Lanhua said,Took a long breath。