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Except for the two rows of plastic chairs against the wall and a dozen empty wooden boxes in the warehouse,Almost empty,There is not much dust on the ordinary cement floor,Prove that it is still used frequently。

The footprints on the ground are extremely messy,Sometimes you can see some black oil stains,But more blood stains,shocking,Li Tianzhi even found a broken stick,A twisted machete,A broken***,And a few broken teeth。
Blood stains are fresh,There are many signs of violent impact from hard objects on the walls and load-bearing masonry pillars,no doubt,The fighting here not long ago was extremely fierce,It can also be speculated that the two parties are not equal in strength,The strength of the winning side is even crushed,Otherwise it won’t end the fight so soon,They are in a hurry,I didn’t even come and clean it up。
This makes Li Tianzhen deeply worried about the safety of everyone in Yuxing,He didn’t spend too much effort to find a small iron door in the depths of the warehouse that was not concealed,Reach out and try to pull the handle,The iron door has been locked on the outside,Fortunately, even the door lock,Instead of a separate lock,It’s hard to help Li Tianzhi,He releases perception,After confirming that there are no guards around the iron gate,Found a broken wire,The door lock was opened in twos or twos。
Inside the door is a dark corridor,There is a green fluorescent safety indicator on the far end,The arrow and the humanoid mark point to the small iron gate,This was originally a reverse escape route,thus,Li Tianzhi’s preliminary judgment,The channel should lead to the frontKTV,What it does is self-evident。
Walked along the passage for less than 20 meters,There is an almost right angle turn,Darker ahead,But with Li Tianzhen’s eyesight,It’s not difficult to walk and distinguish,Not for a while,The road is at the end,An iron gate appeared again in front,He gently tested the doorknob,Does not seem to be locked,It’s just that the iron gate is very tightly sealed,No light comes out。
Feeling again,There is still no one nearby,Li Tianzhi opened the iron door carefully,There is a voice coming,He is about to listen carefully,Suddenly a noise came from behind,Although the voice is very subtle,But it sounds very rush,There should be more than one person approaching him quickly。
Li Tianzhen feels incredible,He has been very cautious,But unexpectedly it was exposed,Or fall into a trap,For the time being, I don’t know where this narrow and dark passage comes from.。
Ordinarily,The opponent has already wiped out Yuxing’s backbone,Can still be so careful,Like an unknown prophet,Unless this seemingly tattered place is also full of cameras,Li Tianzhen suddenly thought of the past‘Sea and sky’Clubhouse,Sun Kaizi loves to do that,I was negligent,It’s just the prey he found accidentally。
Take advantage of the other side’s distance,Li Tianzhen simply pulled the iron door and rushed in,Then quickly locked the door。
But turned around,Footsteps came from the hidden wooden door opposite the iron gate,The left and right capitals of Li Tianzhen are the passages,But he chose to rush into the opposite wooden door,Bumped head-on with a short young man with a half drumstick in his mouth,This person was shocked when he saw Li Tianzhi,Too late to scream,Got a hard punch on the face。
Drumstick youth was knocked out on the spot,When Li Tianzhen dragged the opponent’s body and just hid,There was a heavy hammering sound from the iron gate,There was a big movement,Yelling immediately,Then the surroundings of the corridor quickly became noisy。
Already exposed,Li Tianzhen simply pinched the opponent’s mandible with one hand,Pinch the human hole with one hand,Let it wake up soon,“No sound,Otherwise it will kill you!”
Youth is a little confused,But he nodded quickly。
“I ask you to answer,Dare to tell lies,You know great。”Li Tianzhi easily took out a sharp knife from the young man’s waist,Wide back、Double-sided blood tank,Very sharp,Shakes the youth’s face a few times,Already let him sweat。
The youth nodded again。
“Where did you get the people caught in the warehouse??”