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Tie Li snorted coldly:“Accompanied by beautiful women,Alcohol is not intoxicating。Of course,You drink with me,It’s boring”Tie Li said,Raise your face,It’s really not commercial anymore。

Xia Jian laughed and said:“You are beautiful too,I will respect this glass of wine”Xia Jianhua has been exported,He regretted a little after raising the cup。Because this disposable paper cup is not small,This glass of liquor,No more than three cups,How much do you want to drink with this sip。
“All right!I just made a joke with you,Let’s drink slowly”Tie Li saw Xia Jian seriously,She quickly dissuaded。
Man is good face,Xia Jian is also such a person。It’s okay if Tie Li doesn’t say,She said so,Xia Jian thinks this glass of wine is poison,He can only drink it in one sip。
When Tieli wants to stand up to dissuade him,Xia Jianmeng raised his head,This glass of wine is all in my stomach。Tie Li saw that Xia Jian cared so much about what she said,She is naturally very happy。
She urged Xia Jian to eat a few bites of food。Night slowly descended at this time。Two people sitting in front of the curved French window on the 19th floor,While drinking,Talking。
The neon lights flashing on tall buildings in the distance,Dress up this evening so charmingly and charmingly。A bottle of liquor,Unknowingly, it’s reached the bottom。
If you drink on average,Xia Jian should be nothing。It’s a pity that for his own sake,I drank a big cup first。Drink the rest on average,He was naturally a little drunk。
Gradually,When Xia Jian spoke, his tongue started to stop turning,Tie Li smiled secretly when she said it。This is the first time Tie Li has seen Xia Jian so cute,She couldn’t help but smiled secretly。
Xia Jian after drinking,Tan Xing Zheng Nong,He talked about giving Nalandepin to treat back pain。Inadvertently he would say something to Nalanyu。、
Tie Li is a smart woman,She can find one or two sentences from Xia Jian’s words that Xia Jian said Nalanyu is beautiful。So she deliberately used it to stimulate Xia Jian,And when Xia Jian heard Tie Li talk to him about Nalanyu,I said in a hurry:“Her figure is not as good as yours”
“is it?So what’s so good about my figure?”Tie Li drank some liquor,She started talking,Also let go。So she dare to ask questions like this。
Xia Jian shook his body and stood up and said:“You are tall,And Feng…Plump。I like”After drinking,Someone said it was a lie,And some people say truth after drinking。
Tieli is a little flustered,There was a blush on his pink and white face。Of course,She can’t see,But I can feel it。
Xia Jian shook his body and went to the bathroom,On return,A staggering foot,The whole person sat in the passage。Tie Li laughed and ran to help him。It turned out that Xia Jian not only didn’t help,Tie Li was dragged by Xia Jian to sleep in the passage。
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