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Faker cannon super god: Europe, I am back
Zhongdan Li Xianghe inspiring the small cannon with a derivative.Tonight, the opening game of the League of Legends S9 Global Finals, the European powerful FNC against the SKT team known as the Galaxy flagship team, SKT single Li Xianghe (ID: Faker) small cannon FNC fight against FNC.SKT has always been regarded as a strong enemy by the clan. In today’s opening game, SKT showed super strength. Li Xianghe even used the hero of the small cannon as a fascinating player. He eventually killed 9 assists, 0 deaths and 8 assists, up to 141.5% damage conversion rate, successfully defeated the opponent.The SKT team won three world championships, one of which was won in Europe.However, last year they did not get the world championship quota, this year’s midseason also replaced the wish to win.”After losing the game with G2, our team really realized the necessity of multiple tactics and transformed it into practice.While learning the BP diversity of the European team, we have also grown.Li Xianghe said.This year SKT’s first game was amazing and Li Xianghe was very happy.For returning to the European arena, Li Xianghe felt confident: “I am back.”However, the opponent FNC team responded on social media,” God is back, but we have defeated God before. “”Li Xianghe’s small artillery sounded the alarm for many teams.The G2 team said just after the game that they would reduce the cannons in every game thereafter.