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Will not hurt the people around you for some other reasons,So this time he is actually responsible if,If he is not negligent or if he can take into account some things, he may not be subjected to such conspiracy。

I won’t let myself be threatened by others,Then some other things can actually be solved,Did Xiao Fan say more?,Just some tasks arranged for them,Let them continue to do what they should do。
Then I hope they can continue to maintain a state that they should be vigilant,Don’t take it lightly,Although they are indeed in an unbeatable state now,Because a lot of people can’t hurt them anymore。
But that doesn’t mean they can take it lightly,Or because of this,Then put yourself in a dangerous situation,Xiao Fan can save them completely this time,If next time I’m not here or meet a stronger opponent。
Using some more conspiracy methods,So whether they will be harmed is unknown,So they must be highly vigilant this time,Can’t let something like that happen again。
Many things don’t look like many things are done in his mind. What he hopes most is that the people around him can stay safely,Instead of being threatened or instigated by others。
Especially the people I care about,So Xiao Fan will never allow similar things to happen again,He must investigate to the end,See who has the guts to do such a thing。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighth Don’t be careless
Then the people below follow Xiao Fan’s instructions to do what they should do, and after all these things must be solved carefully.,Otherwise, it doesn’t matter who will be killed next time,Xiao Fan is going home before handling some things。
Then check if Lin Yoona is in danger,Although no one will follow him and report any danger,But it is inevitable that similar situations will happen,Worried that this will happen,Lin Yuna will be hurt。
But fortunately, Lin Yoona is very good,Did not receive anything,Other threats,Or hurt,No one followed her,And when I get home from get off work。
Xiao Fan told Lin Yuner:“You must stay at home lately,Yoona, don’t go out or go to the company to do something,If you have any work, solve them remotely at home.。
After all, there are some things to deal with,I am worried that you will have some problems,Or someone wants to hurt you,In that case I will go crazy,So I hope you can stay at home well。Don’t worry me?”
Lin Yuner told him:“Don’t worry, I will stay at home well and not cause you trouble,It will allow you to do what you should do with peace of mind,Won’t worry you again。
And there are so many people around protecting me,You do not have to worry about,I can protect myself,You don’t have to always miss me,Besides, I’m not a fool。
Will not be easily deceived,And you secretly arranged so many people to protect me,So I will definitely protect myself,Won’t worry you,Don’t worry。”Xiao Fan nodded。
In fact, he also knew that he had arranged so many manpower,No problem,But I still can’t rest assured,Worried about some other unexpected situations,After all, what happened this time was relatively unexpected to him。