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Maybe these two girls who tried to feed him were full of youth,Reminds him of the childhood frivolous?

Seeing Lu Menglin holding up the lunch box unceremoniously,Really start to eat,The two girls were so excited they almost hugged each other,And made a murmur like a cat。
The female passengers all around showed expressions of envy, jealousy and hatred.。
Sure enough, it’s still young and invincible!
Lu Menglin smoothly finished the small fried pork and rice in the lunch box,Even the greens were swept away,Then gently push the lunch box forward,Said politely,“Thank you!”
The two little girls were full of excitement,The dark-skinned girl stretched out her palm to Lu Menglin,Said with a smile:“Hello there!My name is Wang Xiaomei,Nice to meet you。”
Lu Menglin smiled,Lightly:“Sorry,I haven’t wiped my hands yet。”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin took out the wet tissue,Wipe your hands first,And then gently shook the opponent。
This careful action,Suddenly the eyes of the two girls lit up at the same time,I think this guy is not only handsome,Elegant temperament,The cultivation is also quite good。
“How about you?How to call?”Lu Menglin smiled and asked another girl in a checkered skirt。
The girl in the checkered skirt looks shier than her companion,Big eyes blinked vigorously,Said timidly:“My last name is Deng,You can call me Xiao Deng。”
“OK!Xiao Deng,Little sister,Are you two still high school students??”Lu Menglin asked casually。
See this handsome temperament guy looks good and talkative,The two girls became more lively。
“We are from Xinhuang High School,Huaihua, Hunan,Have you heard of this place?”Wang Xiaomei sneered。
“Huaihua?Hear this name,But never been。”Lu Menglin didn’t think too much,Replied casually。
“Learn about Huaihua Ancient Town!Where is Phoenix Ancient City?Do you not know such a famous place??”Little sister Wang speaks like a gun,The sound is sharp but not harsh。
“Ok,I know the ancient city of Phoenix,Very famous place,But i haven’t been。”Lu Menglin smiled。