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At this time, Xin Zhao is looking outside,Watching Lena slowly walk over,Xin Zhao breathed a sigh of relief。

Noticed that the aircraft reached the sky,Dukao, the back-to-back general, walked directly into the cabin。
“Lena,What did Xin Zhao tell you just now?,Look at you so angry,As if wishing to kill him immediately!”Lianfeng looked curiously,Walked towards Lena。
And heard the question of Lianfeng,Lena directly raised her eyebrows“Say what,Didn’t say anything,He told me to take care,Then when I come back, I will bring me some Freze’s souvenirs。”
For Rena’s answer,If Lianfeng believes it,That’s brain damage。
But since Lena doesn’t want to say,Lianfeng is helpless。
And Lena saw Lianfeng gone,I was relieved,At the same time, I secretly wrote for Xin Zhao Ji,Wait to see him next time,I must beat him up first. I can’t take care of myself.。
Inside the cute aircraft
Xin Zhao looked at the moon that appeared before his eyes,Look at Mars getting closer、Jupiter and more。
First time out of earth,This feeling is really good。
“I say Xin Zhao,What did you say to Lena just now,How do you look at her,Seems to be in a good mood?”Angel Yan feels a bit boring,So I spoke to Xin Zhao。
And I heard Angel Yan’s words,Xin Zhao turned his head,And then began to mass her。
“This is the little secret between my sister and me,Except my daughter-in-law,No one can tell。
of course,If you swear to be my guardian angel now,I can tell you,what do you think?”
For this request,Of course Angel Yan will not agree。