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Bai Ai looked at Gongsun Yan’s eyes,It’s like when I first demonstrated this ability,Qin Kai’s expression is the same!

“You and Fuming are really two little monsters,I even doubt if you are human!”
Gongsun Yan concealed the shock in his eyes,Softly sigh。
“right now,I have absolute confidence to pass this training!”
Strong self-confidence emerged in Bai Ai’s eyes。
Gongsun Yan did not refute,Because he knows that the white in front of him can do it!
“I go,It hurts too much!”
Fuming keeps flashing in the clearing,Although I want to hide,But his speed is not enough,And close again,And was knocked out by the dense lightning that suddenly appeared around。
“No way,If this goes on, it’s just endless delay.!”
A crazy look flashed in Fuming’s eyes,Desperately ran towards the central machine,Since I can’t hide,Then use the dumbest way,Hard drive!
Closer,The denser the bombardment of lightning,Every bolt of lightning strikes Fuming’s body,Fuming can feel the tiny current flowing in the body。
“This kid,Is it made of iron??”
The dean frowned and looked at Fu Ming in the field,Is it an evil beast in human skin?,According to his expectations,Fuming should have been crying out,But now。。。
“Break it to Lao Tzu!”